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not available on windows


Hey, I guess you were right about the FPS. I swear to god I could not see it, but once you said where it was and that it was dark, sure enough it appeared on screen. I also managed to fix the vertical tearing issue. It was really perplexing because I don't normally experience it with games that are almost certainly more taxing than The Pedestrian. Turns out with was because I am on Windows 7 and was using the classic window theme. Apparently Microsoft really made a blunder when they implemented the Aero window system. You can read more about it if you care to here: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/950989/screen...

Finally, on to the game:

  • Fantastic, cohesive artstyle
  • Simple platforming and puzzling, but the combination is interesting
  • Would like to see a lot more, game is rather short
  • Connectors between signs could use some improvement, they seem kind of finicky. I spent as much time making small adjustments to make it possible for the connection to meet as I did puzzling the proper layout.

Game does not show FPS when i choose to show FPS in the settings. I've having issues with a terrible verticle tear right in the middle of the screen and still investigating how to solve it.

This game makes me hungry. I'm american btw.