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But 1 don’t have any Facebook account, neither twitch nor Discord Account!

I’ll have to share my ideas here because I don’t have any Discord Server Account!

Just like you’ve added some cars in Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD which were from Previous Versions of Burnin’ Rubber Like Lightning GTR, Myoko Giant, Vulcan M6,Phaser GTI, GTBLAZE and DX Turbo?

Hey Xform, If you can’t all new contents to the old games, at least can you add old contents to the New Game?

Traffic Slam 2 still Lags on My new laptop, which is very painful! DK (Don’t Know) How did You created this game! It lags painfully on my new laptop too!

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Because I don’t have a Discord Server Account! So I can’t share my ideas with you there! One day I will have my own Discord Server Account. And I will share my ideas with you!


I thought you’ll add Burnin’ Rubber 1 textures to it’s latest series because after shockwave’s end, many people are still playing your oldest series.


Sorry for too many comments.

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I Loved Your Games I’m from India BTW! I always played your games when I was 4-8 years but whenever I played Traffic Slam 2, It lags too much!

I hope you’ll reach $10000 goal so you’ll be able to hire some new workers! 🥰

Thanks for creating such awesome games “I’ve never played Super Man OR Monster”

but I’ve played some of your games like: “Burnin’ Rubber, Traffic Slam 1 and 3, Downtown Drift, and Rally Point Series!”

Thanks for Creating Such Awesome games I’ve bought Burnin’ Rubber 3 on My Desktop and Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD on My Laptop. I have to download Burnin’ Rubber 5 HD on My AMD A6 Laptop because My Desktop had 32-bit Windows 7 with Intel Core 2 Duo. It needed 64-bit.

I had 64-bit Windows 7 but my Windows got corrupted and when I checked my newly installed Windows 7, it had 32-bit!

I hope you’ll create such games again!


Hey Xform, can you add some more cars in this game?

I don’t have any discord account!

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Hey Xform, can you add Downtown Drift to itch io for free? every time I start it in IE or Chrome, it always says “Unity Web Player, Install Now” since I already have it. And Also add cars like Giant, Myoko Giant, Lightning GTR, Vulcan, Vulcan ZB, Vulcan M6, and Phaser GTI!

I am afraid that you can’t-

If you’re reading this I will appreciate it.


Hey Xform, can you add Downtown Drift to itch io for free? every time i start it in IE or Chrome, it always says “Unity Web Player, INstall Now” since i Already have it.

Hey Xform, can you please add more camera view like in Trailer? I would appreciate it if you Update Burnin’ Rubber 4!


Hey Xform, can you please update game Burnin’ Rubber 1 Like car Textures for Burnin’ Rubber 5 as it doesn’t look good for me!


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Hey Xform, can you create Burnin' Rubber 6 with Same Car Textures as in Burnin' Rubber 1? 

I Also Want Cars and Their Paintjobs from:

Burnin' Rubber 1, Burnin' Rubber 2, Burnin Rubber 3, Burnin' Rubber 4, Burnin' Rubber Crash n' Burn, Burnin' Rubber 5-5 HD Burnin' Rubber Shift, 

Redline Rumble Revolution,

Downtown Drift ,Rally Point 1-6!

Here's the video of Burnin' Rubber:

And Please, Create Car Textures from This Game Only.

Add Multiplayer Support Too!

I am asking because i loved Burnin' Rubber 1 and Now' its Discontinued!🙁

And i Also loved about how cars were reflecting.