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I am taking a break from it right now but I intend to continue builds later this year.

I'm not sure if it has any uses! I just made it to try out some concepts for a programming environment that isn't entirely centered around text files. Since it was an experiment I'd say some parts turned out to not be that great but others are pretty interesting. Overall it isn't obvious to me how to get anything useful done with it *yet*.

If you mess around with it and find something useful you could think of to do with it let me know. The best thing I've gotten out of it was just a really nice environment for "hands on" learning about functional programming and Lisp in particular.

You aren't doing anything wwrong that I can see, it should work. Email me at and we can try to figure it out.

Yes, in fact this will be the primary purpose for the next version when it is ready.

It comes with the C++ source that you need to build customizations.

I don't know, but 4coder is pretty poor for editing python files in the current version. Extended language support is coming soon though.

4.1 is $12 more than 4.0 was. I offer a $12 discount to everyone who bought 4.0 previously. If you don't see the discount email me at and I'll help to arrange it for you.

It's possible, the graphics backend was updated a little. It works in a lot of places though. You can submit more information about your driver and the exact results you get from running 4coder at

Yes you would be able to download the Linux version right away.

The Linux port is still being developed. As soon as it's ready there will be a demo and full version.

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Yes someday. I'm planning to do this for Vim first though, as that's a much more highly requested emulation.

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It should work if:
1. The theme is in the theme folder
2. You use the exact name of the file before the ".4coder" as your theme
3. 4coder actually finds and loads the config file - which you can confirm by looking at the messages buffer and seeing what it loaded for default_theme_name?
If you confirm that all of those are true but it's still not working please make an issue on

Yes purchasing 4.1.x gets all 4.1.x releases (4.0.x had 30 releases and lasted about four years, to give you an idea of how it adds up).

Also the theme changing bug is fixed in 4.1.1.

Hopefully early 2020. Work has already begun on these.