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The final piramid is not giving any money :( 

Hi! I made a few, here's my experience summed up:

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Download from (PC)/Android.
StukuPuku is a hand-painted rhythm tree defense game about the battle of Stuks and Puks, little creatures that defend their Mother Trees.  Tree is using signals from woodpeckers to decide, which Stuk or Puk should it summon. It's just like in the real forest! The game was inspired by the book  "The Hidden Life of Trees".

You play as two Woodpeckers that are hitting a tree to summon Stuks. Mother Tree can also grow magical fruits, which pop causing different effects to help Stuks in battle. From every Puk, you collect seeds, which you can later use to unlock new Stuks or Fruits. 

Hitting into the rhythm is crucial, or else your tree will not understand what you need. In the meantime, you can admire beautifully hand-painted graphics in unique style! 

It took me two years to finish it, though I made it rather spontaneously than sitting whole 730 days. What is more, my daughter has shown me that it's a nice game for kids, to teach rhythmics and memory. She's almost 3 and enjoys this game a lot:)

Game is totally free, ad-free, payment-free, free of everything:D Plus its made by me and my awesome wife who did the graphics part.

I'm open to your critique!