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Harri Monroe

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very fun game! super retro and i'm impressed it was done in pico  8!

wo so qt

heel ye

i started working on it again as a collaboration.. but the team fizzled. i'm considering continuing development solo again

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your art is so beautiful!


but it runs in the web 🤯🤯🤯



you butter up my life <3


Thank you!



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Hello Community!

I'm pleased to announce Candy Wrapper: Godot Edition!

I first created Candy Wrapper in March of 2018 with GameMaker Studio 2. I do love this game and I wanted to preserve it's future! So instead of holding onto the .yyz file and needing to deal with GameMaker again for any future redistribution, I decided to remake this game in Godot! It was a great excuse to become accustomed to the engine and preserve my past.

🎮🕹 Play now for free!  🎮🕹

Yo this art style is awesome! So cool to combine pixelart spritesheet animation with tweens.

Hello! Yes I am trying my best. I am focusing on building a bigger game, one that I can make a career from. I have been spending a lot of time figuring out the art style / medium i want to pursue with this game... This part is taking much longer than I thought haha. Thank you for asking!

the movement is awesome

This game was so awesome! I enjoyed it so much, thank you!


Awesome concept!


Does DragonRuby support HTML5 export? Is there anyway to make browser based game with this framework?


How does porting to consoles work out? Is it as simple as building for windows mac and linux?

is there a free version available so I can try it out?

It doesn't work properly with my 4k monitor using 200% display scaling.

It works in the top left corner of the screen and if I drive outside of the 1920x1080 area it will cease to display.

oh dang ok

Can I play with just keyboard and mouse and my monitor?

let me know if you need any SFX done

Steamy GameJam community · Created a new topic hingle,


go into build mode and build something else

cool idea i dig it

Is "Capy Hoky" at all related to the game "HOKY" created by Jan Willem Nijman and Kitty Calis?

i won baby

are you going to share the source code?

haha this is hilarious dude, did not expect this.

i like this game

Thanks! Im working on a full release now! Aimed for mobile!

Very cute game, I loved it!