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When you enter for the first time the cell section, go all left (the left door located at ground level). There's the door you need to open.

I'll modify the attack range mechanics and see how it works. Thanks for your insight!

Yes! Attack range will be modified.

How could you help me with the music?


Thanks for your insight! It's valuable for Tessa Fate's development.

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I'm glad you could manage to play the game! I'll use this info to improve the game performance.

I'm currently developing Tessa's Fate on Godot Engine. I used to code on Unity but, due to personal preferences, I looked for an alternative. I found Godot pretty powerful and easy to learn.

I'm glad you're enjoying the game! Indeed I'm taking inspiration from Hollow Knight. I like mystery and deepness in video games!

I'll be working on performance. For now, I've already uploaded the Web Public version on Newgrounds you can find here:

But, it's a downgraded version, tho.

Thanks for your wishes! 

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It's the only report related to your problem I've received. I wouldn't know what the problem is.

I can think about two solutions for you, right now.

1) I'll be fixing some minor bugs for the public release. This week I'll be updating the game. Please wait until the release and see if the new build works for you.

2) I'm preparing a Web Public release I'll be launching on Newgrounds. Please wait until I upload this release so you can try the game there. This build release will have not that cool graphics but will be able to show the game mechanics in general (Including the public build leads).

So if you like the idea, I can notify you about the updates by replying this conversation.


What version of the game are you using? (MacOS or Win)

What do you mean? The changing in key binds is done automatically.
If you're playing with a game controller, the tutorials will display keys for the controller. Same for the keyboard.

No. Maybe the tutorial isn’t clear enough. I’ll be modifying it. Thanks!

You can dash by pressing Shift key.

Ah! It’s a bug. Pressing E keyboard key in the first dialogue will crash the game. To skip dialogue press SPACE bar. If you’re using a xbox controller, press A button to skip dialogue.

I’m fixing the bug soon. Thanks for your insight!

Why is that? To beat the guard, you need to attack her ten times. The guard has 10 points of life.

Diggitox, thanks a lot for your insights!
I'll be checking the fps thing. Of course, it's valuable information.
Keep an eye on the updates. For the end of the month, I'll be updating the first level. I'll be adding the enemy corresponding lewd drawing CGI.

For the first part of the game, Tessa, the main character, will interact with humanoids and machines (the prison level).

But, in the World of Tessa, I'm planning to introduce anthropomorphic animals.

And of course! There will be NPCs! And I'm planning to introduce lewd scenes with them.

Legend, I appreciate your words!
Take your time to know the project.
I'm currently working by myself on this game, so things go slowly, but consistently.
I'm posting updates on Twitter and Discord. Don't hesitate to take a look.

Since the project is in a very early stage of development, I haven't thought about launching the game on Steam. But I have it in mind.