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I love the character designs! They really fit in this little game world. And the music is 5 stars! So good! I love how the mayor says that he/she is busy. I feel like the little errand chum hahaha.

I really love the mechanics! Great sounds too. And a crisp art style that seems to tie together. I don't know why, but this stands out to me, so 5 stars!

Very entertaining for what it is. It is so satisfying for some reason just shouting at the screen: "I said off me son!"

I bopped deez muh truckas. I think I beat it. 10 Health left! I advise going bottom right->top left->top right->bottom left to get the chalices (in order of difficulty). So I got to the chopper, but I'm not sure if there was supposed to be a "You win" screen or something. 

I got the bad end... I suck! This is my new favorite duck game! As if I had one before this... This is so fun and challenging! 5 stars!