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And historians called them roomates, jk, I loved it~ I love your stories in general

This one put me on the edge of my seat, I heard there's an other game about this- I played this first, that good? Eh. Well, I got first ending, I'm thinking of so many things that could go wrong and could go right, I don't know anymore!! They are an interesting pair. I guess I'll leave it at that. 

Hey, I really love your games Carrot! Our Wonderland is such a good story. And this bonus adds are also damn great. >< GenIggy is deep, best ship, my otp fs. (for sure) I wrote a comment here because, I decided to play for Orlam's route and I am in love too. I also played Our Cinderella just yesterday, whew. Well, though I'm late, I wanted you to know my appreciation for your characters and storymaking. I'd love to draw fanarts, I'll probably work on it when I have free time. Lol. 

Gen x Iggy will always be my otp. 馃挌馃 Even if it's not holidays if it's a game by Carrot then it doesn't matter :]]] I'm gonna go play more for Orlam route ^_^

omg u know dmmd 馃槼 xd :]]

A blond biker with glasses and an eyebrow piercing, reminded me a little of DMMD