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To the glory of Satan and the little girls!

You can think of me as you want, this is your right, I won't defend my rights right now, I'm not a feminist, I'm just showing people interesting projects that many went around without noticing and giving them a second life on Itch. I don’t pretend to be a game developer to think that I am 237 or maybe a filthy liar who wanted little glory is your right and I’m not going to condemn him. I don’t ask for money for them, so nothing suits me in my pocket, it’s just nice that people like it and they play it.

And this is my dear friend. Big Big Secret

I think so too, but unfortunately it’s not very convenient for me to work in English in the same Unity language, so I'll wait until the Russian version is released

Clear thing darling, here's the last game Prisonkage is connected with the plot Demoniphobia

already understand this problem

It's ok

Unfortunately, this is part of the game and I don’t really want something to whine me and everything is so beautiful

Excellent, everything will be added soon!
I am very glad that you were not repelled by the strong violence in the game. This is very pleasant, I am looking forward to the video!
With love 237

As for music, I have already started collecting sounds, but I can recommend to include music from Silent Hill in the background

You so quickly found the secret to moving I'm surprised! As for the small window, I’m working on it because when I tried to increase the performance of the game it fell or it just crashed, about long deaths, let’s say the charm of the game shows what you did when you were not too attentive and thanks for playing Demonophobia!

I'm wondering are you doing the games alone or do you have a small team?

And I almost forgot, you just gorgeous game continue in the same spirit, Russia approves :D

I think Devolver Digital would love it they love games with this genre and with the old or pixel graphics