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Yeah no problem.  If you ever want me to play test something else, feel free to send me a link and I may give it a try.

So some constructive criticism, or at least I hope it comes of that way. I admit I didn't play the game all the way through, however the things I am complaining about are some early game stuff. So 1st off the weapons don't feel like they have weight, I think a good impact sound would do wonders. The controls feel a bit clunky I can't put my finger on it but aiming the blades seem to take a lot of effort for the little damage they do, and for the damage capabilities of the enemies.  Perhaps a time slow mechanic when aiming would be a good addition. Maybe if you want it to be more strategy, add more in the way of cover. Also I noticed I seemed to suddenly pop from one location to another. I do not know why. That said the idea of the game is good. One thing I thought would be a cool thing to have on the blade is if they were solid and could be used as platforms.

It's going pretty good, I have several of the basic systems worked out so that the same functions can be reused. I am currently making the monster.

I am planing on making devlogs about Care Escape as I make the game. I published the first one here, if reading about that will interest you I invite you to follow me.

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?
Hello, I'm 20potter, I am also a Dan.

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?
I did not have the pleasure of joining previously. This is my second jam ever, I started doing jam because I have the habit of doing bigger jobs and then giving up early. So I wanted to put some successes under my belt.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?
My favorite games are pathfinder, and final fantasy tactics. I have seen inspiration from them at various points.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?
I started game development back when I was in elementary school, and I am now a college graduate.
I have some experience with at least a dozen engines. I have particularly come to like godot.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!
I love games, both digital and table-top.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?
I intend to focus a little bit on having more animated sprites, as I am use to using mostly static sprites.
I intend to make a complete game play experience.

7. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?
I am not a veteran, but my biggest recommendation is keep your goals in check.
A game jam is a place to dream small so you can realize your dream in a good time period.

My Lord's Zoological Society, was made for the 9 day idle/clicker jam that took place from june 29th to july 8th, 2018. It is a clicker game about gathering food and gold in order to care for animals.


So I am playing around in godot, specifically I am making a small memory game. Basically I have it so you can give it a number and it will make a series of buttons. I have it so the y coordinate will after 10 buttons increase using the formula 200+(floor(CardNumber/11)*100). What I am trying to figure out is a good way to make the x coordinate decrease after the 10 buttons so the buttons form rows of 10. I could probably do it through some if then, but it would be a bit cleaner and neater to do it in a single formula. The current formula is -100+(CardNumber*100).

If you are interested, I have a set of code for godot 2.1.5 beta that is mechanically a complete visual novel.  I would also be willing to answer any questions you have. However I can't devote much time to aiding in further design as I have my own visual novel to complete.  here is the data , you can contact me at

Since you finished off with some videos I thought I would drop some relating to my thoughts. 1 by handing out the games to be open source/free to manipulate you come across an issue where you risk quickly killing off any ip you create. The following videos are about how warhammer 40k used careful licensing control to avoid killing off their own ip, while still providing many devs with the ability to use it. With a open source/free to manipulate license you run into the problem of very limited control as you remove yourself from having a say in how the games are produced.

and this one

Your video about live games is interesting, and I thought I would bring up the reason why alot of AAA games are released on a live system or similar monotization system. The reason being that the games no longer can be sold for the price of $60. here is a video on that

In using the MIT License I see a few potential problems. 1st off you will be making your own competition. With Patreon being your major method of support you will be relying upon people to be willing to pay for exclusive features of having a say in how the game is developed while also enabling anyone to offer the same benefits.

On the subject of being able to make your game or portion of the game “cannon” I think that will end up being based on popularity. The most popular version/best marketed version would become cannon, while the official version and less popular versions would become ripoffs.

On that subject how do you plan on marketing this?

Here is my idea on how to improve your idea. First off focus less on making free to use games, and focus more on free to use software and assets. To explain further what you ought to do is design a game that is made of several parts. Those parts can be easily utilized independently, and your game is a demonstration of how they can be used together. You start out however without everything being freely available instead giving paterons a license to the items with the understanding that after a period of time those items would be re-released as a MIT licensed software or similar license. The completed game can be free to play as a marketing tool for the software, and you can eventually release it to the public domain You can also give patrons the ability to recommend features for the software and for the game prior to their release.

Thank you, I thought that might be the case but I was not sure.

I figured out a way to do it by using wget as the middle ground with the exe ran by a batch. I am currently trying to make sure the licensening is not going to be problematic. I posted it as a question here if anyone is interested in following it

Okay so recently I had a problem in figuring out how to do something. Recently I found the GNU utility called wget could do what I was looking for. It is licensed under gnu general public license 3. If I include a copy of wget within my game files to be ran by my game without modifying source would that be a covered work while the exterior program is free to be licensed in any way, or would the whole thing be a modified work or something else.

An idea I had a while ago that I eventually plan to get back to that was quite fun is a rogue like farming simulator where you gather seeds to make plants and fight demons. You can get a specfic plant that lets you place seeds in a pod that will appear in your next lifetime and enable you to gather new seeds across multiple worlds. You can then make combination plants from your seeds. In order to be able to win you would have to go through multiple worlds gathering seeds.

Some progress has been made by looking through documentation. When making a google script into a google app you pass through a variable, looking into that variable it is an object that takes a query string from the url. So I should be able to through godot edit a .URL or a .html to send the info. Now I just need to find a way to hide it.


windows specifically windows 7 service pack 1

I know avast doesn't detect it as such. Windows defender flags it when you open the bat directly but when the vbs opens the bat it doesn't have a problem with it. As for HTTP I have tried it somewhat but it confuses me. Also part of the reason I am attempting to do this through google scripts is due to the infinite space I get as long as it is in a google format. Although I think I might have been attempting to use the http client rather then request. Here is the documentation on both if you are curious , .

(1 edit)

It isn't completely unmentioned, rather it would gather data that a form would have problems telling me. Such as what choices the player made throughout the game, how often the player reloaded to change their choice immediately after making a choice. I don't mind adding an opt in button. I just rather not break immersion or confuse a player when a new window suddenly pops up.

I am looking into gathering user data from a visual novel that I am working on. I think that some of the puzzle pieces are in place but there are some missing. The main game is written in godot 2.1, I have made a basic script on google scripts that puts a value into a google spreadsheet. Currently I am not sure how to fully connect the two. Also I am trying to limit how obvious the transfer is in order to avoid player confusion, so I would prefer if it happens without opening a window. I have attempted using a .URL file to access it with the .URL being opened with a .bat and the line updateSheet.URL "-quiet" "-nowindow" which would then be ran using a .vbs which can run the .bat without opening a command prompt. That would then be executed by godot, however the problem is the .bat doesn't hide the .URL , I  suspect it is because the url just opens a browser and the browser isn't being told to hide it's window. I also tried it with an html file. Also part of the problem  other then keeping things secret is actually getting the data to the google script. I've read somewhere that javascript which google script is based off of can not access local files without the user explicitly selecting the file for security reasons. So I am somewhat stuck on how to solve this problem. I suppose if it comes to it I could scrap the gathering of user data as nothing has been built in the main project for it.

I ran into a weird bug with the graphics settings affecting jumping. On very low when I played the jump button would work intermittently, between every other and about every 4th button press, but on ultra it works fine.

I just posted this game tool last night:

It is a simple phrase generator, it generates phrases that are 2 words with 2 syllables each.
Each syllable contains a consonant and a vowel. It can also be made to generate words with rhyming or alliteration.
The GUI Looks like this:

It is quite simple, and the phrase generator can be ran in silent mode, that way all the options and output can be handled viva editing text documents.
This means if you are designing a game with rogue-like elements you could use this tool to generate names for things, or bizarre catch phrases.

To run it in silent mode you must change SilentRun.txt to true in it's text document, set force alliteration and force rhyme to your desire settings by changing their txt files.
Then you run silentrun.vbs

After running silentrun.vbs it will change the phrase.txt in the save directory to the result.

An example result is ugoj ufoj with both force alliteration on and force rhyming on.

I am writing this after having spent some time playing around with modding axu.

Here is the save location: Users/[username]/AppData/LocalLow/Ravensong Games/Axu

It took me forever to find it, more so because I did not see it on for some time.

I suggest before you start modding to back up any save you want to keep, and extract a new copy of the game for modding.

Note that I am pretty certain this is covering 5.2 , which at the time of writing this a 5.3 has come out, so some things my not be the same.

In the folder that you extract the files to is Axu_Data , within that is StreamingAssets .

In side StreamingAssets is Data.

Data is basically your options menu for deciding what sort of modding you want to do.

Within each of the files below data are .json files, these can be edited in notepad or similar text editor. Remember if you use a text editor other then notepad to make sure the editor does not have tons of format code that will mess things up.

To make a profession you go to entity Data and open up profession.

Each profession starts with a { and ends with a }

Commas separate out each profession.

I recommend if you want to make a new profession to copy a pre-existing one and edit that. Make sure that the last profession does not end with a comma because I have done that many times.

The first profession I tried to make was the unstable, a ball of instability that is constantly morphing. My method was to give the unstable leprosy to remove limbs, and radiation blast to grow new ones.

Leprosy is a trait, and radiation blast is an ability. You can replace the pre-existing traits in the profession with the trait id you want. Same with abilities.

I was going to give the the unstable 3 random starting traits but it seems that the

Random traits of a mutant are hard coded rather then something in the profession data.

Otherwise the combination of leprosy and radiation blase almost worked, but leprosy works faster then radiation from radiation blast.

It seemed that you would lose one limb, before you would mutate once.  That made it almost fast enough, but if your mutation did something other then grow a limb you would be doomed. Also unless you grow a head before it falls off you are doomed.

In addition I lost my off-hand and grew an extra hand, but sadly an extra hand can’t serve as a replacement for an off-hand.

That was when I tried to figure out a way to make radiation work faster.

I attempted making a radiation blast that would apply the effect "Radiate_Self" multiple times, however it seems that abilities can only have one effect.

I also tried making an ability that produces items so I could radiate myself, but I couldn’t figure out how.

A thing that would be a nice addition is more control over effects. Maybe if they had their own data file so that they could be modified at a numeric level.

After that I tried making a creature with 6 extra arms, 6 extra heads and 6 extra legs.

Turns out if you simply use the id for each trait it doesn’t add the body slot. I also set all stats starting values to 1.

This experiment also showed that speed changes not just movement speed but attack speed. I noticed this because my attacks did little but I got a large number of them quickly increasing my proficiencies far faster then normal.

While I am on the topic of proficiencies, I noticed that thrown and abilities level up with usage, but the other proficiencies and your main level only go up when used against an enemy. I am also not entirely sure how most of the stats work, or how damage for abilities is determined.