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Also I feel this game REALLY needs a map. And if you would give me your preferred sprite/pixel editor and the sprites for your terrain I could go around the map and copy it onto a map. Then again you could do this yourself although I would be happy to help lessen the work load.

Will you ever bring this to mobile. I feel that if you put this an the App Store you could make it free or for money (I would recommend $1-$2) it would be incredibly successful. With the auto fire feature it wouldn’t be too hard and if you used a D-pad you could also have a small button to hide it (allowing full screen access). Maybe after alchemy, ships and guilds are a thing it would be a thing to work on. This is just my opinion but it would allow me to fight my archdeamons, with my friends, on the go.

Masteroid community · Created a new topic Friendly Fire

After 0.9.1 for mac today I finally started playing this and sunk a few hours into it. Although now at my stage I have found that accidentally hitting a friend will ruin my day. So I wanted to ask if no-friendly-fire will be in a future update. Like possibly after reaching a certain level with a faction (5?) a new button/option in the dock will apear turning off friendly fire. And by this I also mean they can't hit me. (ex-friend mining) I was just a bit curious as at my stage I have had a few to many run-ins with my own nation.

Thank you for the update! In fact I had been messing with the resolutions manually when my game updated (everythings is all good). Thank you for for the support! (Btw my mac did not support over 1050 vertical)

Side Note- I recoment this website to find the resolutions of computers which I found when messing with it myself

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My version number is 0.9.0 and I can't seem to download 0.9.1. I use a MacBook Air and there is a current screenshot of my situation below.

Also, I saw the post in your update log and I wanted to ask if I should manually do that.

Edit- My graphics card is  Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 MB

Masteroid community · Created a new topic Cargo Selling

I may just be stupid, but I can't fiqure out how to sell my cargo.

Masteroid community · Created a new topic Steam Key

I bet you have answered this before but when this does get to steam, will the people who buy it here get a key?

Are you guys going to put this game on steam some day. And if so would you give the people that payed for the DLC a key for the DLC on steam. (Assuming the normal game is still free and the DLC is $4.99)