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I enjoyed it very much! I loved it was short and sweet!

fantastic  job on this game! The overall atmosphere of it overall was very creepy and I LOVED IT! i had just finished a let's play of this game and it's pretty awesome..

This game I found to be very unique in the way it was made! It still gave me a creepy vibe when I played through all of it! and I just finished up a let's play on youtube of this awesome game! |

Very amazing indie horror game! I had alot of fun playing it and having the living crap scared out of me LOL

Hey! Absoulutly loved this game! I really got a Undertale vibe from all of it! I just posted a let's play of this Awesome game too! Can't wait for the full release!

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I made a video on this game and I hope you enjoy it

I'm liking this game so far, at first I thought this was going to be another one-shot for me, but it has been a really interesting game keep up the good work! The link that I have in the description has part 1 of y let's play