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Okay, I have managed to download the update, I tried it again in-game and it was able to complete it. I don't know what was happening, it might have been something on my end, but the 14.4 setup downloaded from here still doesn't work for me. Maybe something to look into, just incase anyone else has run into the problem too. 

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I am unable to download the 14.4 update. Trying to update it in-game says "An exception occurred during WebClient request." And the setup file from keeps saying "The setup files are corrupted. Please obtain a new copy of the program." I have tried multiple times to no avail. Hopefully it's nothing serious.

Yo this is really good man, keep up the good work

Ah, okay. Thanks

I can't find any tradition items to turn ore into metal like a smelter or anything, so what do I use to make metal? (Version 13)

I support this!

This game is absolutely amazing! Big name games should really take notes from this. Its extremely easy to use and fun to play. The thing I would suggest changing is ship AI. Sometimes they try to move out of the way for another ship in the fleet, but end up making the situation worse. Other than that I have 0 qualms about this game! Also more guns would definitely be welcome. And if comes out on Steam, I will definitely buy it full price! 

Sweet! Keep up the great work!

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There is 2 ways to fix this that I know of:

Vigorously shake your mouse while holding the object,

Rotate the object out of the wall. (Neither of these work 100% tho)

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This is really fun!... Except for the colonist glitch. I really enjoy the concept and gameplay of this, but my game got to a point where nothing was happing. I read some others talking about how the colonists aren't doing anything, so I assume I'm having the same problem. Please fix it, and keep up the great work!

Hello, I have found a minor bug that should be fixed. Well, two, actually. The first one is when a customer gets stuck. An object or npc gets in the way and the customer just stops. I can see them, their head moves, but they just stand still, not allowing other customers to spawn. I have had this happen a couple times, but I just have to exit/load the game again to fix it.

The second one seems pretty common, where stuff from deliveries spawns in the ground. Some of it I have managed to save, but others I can still find randomly floating around in the ground.

I'm using the somethingarather-64 version on Windows 10.

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A freeplay mode, where you have full skills and unlimited money to buy and create anything. Battle and war axes would be cool, too.