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Lucinda Madigan

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Honestly, when I first saw this game, I thought it was a Rainsford/Zaroff dating sim lol. I like the concept a lot and hope to see a full version at some point!

What a cool concept! The game feels like it could become a fully fledged commercial thingy honestly

The patient reports are hilariously weird and the music is FABULOUS!! This is great :)

There is now a discord server! Join here:

Yes, I don't mind taking late submissions! This is a pretty laid-back jam so it's no big deal :)

Nice Art, Cool Gameplay

This is incredibly slick for something made in only 72 hours. The upgraded guns feel different and not just "it's your old gun, but stronger." Also, very tiny detail--I love how the villain walks around, he looks like a board game piece being moved around  :)

This is insanely good. The writing is on point, the gameplay feels satisfying, the art is lovely, and the music is just *chef's kiss* Excellent job!

I shouldn't be this emotionally attached to Death Ray Dan, but here we are. This is awesome!

Awwwhhh this is so sweet! It's short, but the story really shines throughout. Before I rate your game, can I ask who you would consider to be the "villain" in this? 

Thank you so much! :)

Don't worry, I heck up the QTEs too even though I know exactly when they're coming lol. I'm glad you liked it!