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I want to marry your writing skills

hey! thanks for rating. gave your game a try, really cool idea for an interesting tower defense game :) looks fantastic too

hey! yeah those things would be very cool :)

hey! thanks for enjoying it :)

hey, thanks! while i did consider that, i thought about what the player should do if they wanted to throw the axe upward while standing on the ground. mapping w/up to jump would mean the player have to use a short hop in order to set this up, which would probably be awkward. hopefully that at least explains the design decision? although it doesn't excuse any flaws, obviously :)

Excellent title

I saw a joke entry of one player pong on the first day of the jam

This is definitely how it should have been executed ;)

Played this before the jam ended. Have to say we thought about this concept but didn't think to do it quite this elegantly. Great stuff

thank you! glad you had fun with it :)

I rated your game your title

is what a jerk would say

hey, thanks for playing! maybe you were pressing the catch button too late? :)

Markmark Mark Markmark mark Mark markmarkmark MarkMark mark! mark, MarkmarkMark Mark mmm mark Markmark

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Love how much you've done with just X. Would say the double tap feels unresponsive though

Since it looks like most people are doing self promotion, here's ours:

It's a two player PVP with only one weapon so grab a friend if you can

is probably a fair assessment

The idea is really cool! Definitely wish for more levels (and maybe some sound) but what was there was a good start

Very nice! Love the clean look. Shame there's only one level :)


This is a great idea :)

This is nice! Really slick look. A few more levels with the red circles and this could be a lot more interesting :)

hey! thanks for playing :)

Hey! Thanks for playing :) don't worry if I was in your position I would probably hate the game too

Noted :) Thanks for playing!

Ooh yeah low gravity would be really cool!

Hey CoalFire! Thanks for playing, it means a lot :) Yea I can see how the excavation level could have been shorter

yo Chance! thanks for stopping by, glad you liked it :)

looking forward to seeing your stuff too!

Capsule Guy is a challenging platforming game where you shoot lasers at things and win sometimes.

I made this in four months as the capstone project of a year-long independent study in game development. Check it out if you will :)

Witty, artful, and simplistic. I felt emotions (?) when playing this game.

The characters who get their souls taken remind me a lot of some friends I know. Actually I think I recall them entering Ludum Dare too. Yeah like they put out a tweet saying they were looking for an artist so they didn't have to maso all the work


Incoming! Constructive criticism:

  • The sound effect of the fireball crashing onto land is too loud, and seems to be inconsistent in volume as well
  • I don't know if I like how large the hit-stun radius is on the fireballs. It gets claustrophobic even before the endgame because if I reflexively try to dodge a fireball it could still hit stun me
  • Why does the game need to start after a 10 second countdown?
  • Would've liked some music tho :(

Overall a really mechanically sound game, although that might be because of its simple premise. I didn't ever beat it so I guess I'd be with the majority there

Hey really nice game! I'm curious what your intended solutions were to these puzzles - I'm not sure if I cheesed a couple of them. I say that because a lot of the puzzles seemed like red herrings rather than actual puzzles; as an example, in one level there was a button that opened a door, except it seemed impossible to get from the button to the door quickly enough. The solution I found, however, didn't use the button or the door at all, as if those pieces of the level were just there to trick you, so it felt a bit more like a hack than a solution. Idk

hey! to address your points:

 -  a lot of this is about the flame jump. yeah, we sorta got that the flame jump was bad after testing levels later on; it was a bit too deep into the jam to tweak the metrics and rebuild like 9 levels but we're going to go back and make it more fun to use

 - each respawn takes around 3 seconds. we could probably easily shorten that to 2 if we spawn the player closer to the left edge of the camera and quicken the screen transitions just a little bit

 - i'll try simplifying the character sprite a bit

 - the idea behind having a lot of levels in the beginning is to get players used to having to coordinate between a light stage and a dark stage before throwing in the crazy elemental stuff. i was even thinking of adding more elemental levels to the end but that would worsen the dragging on problem :/ i'll look into it if more people complain about the same thing

hey! can you specify what polish you'd be looking for, y'know, so i can add it in?

Now that I've actually finished the game, constructive criticism!

  • Buttons are broken, as I'm sure you noticed. You can have a crate sitting flat on the button but the door doesn't stay open, usually because the player walked off of the button on its edge.
  • The way crates are carried in this game is not entirely intuitive. It's especially a problem when bringing a crate up the staircase in the penultimate level.
  • As I've already noted, CTRL and ALT aren't the best keys to be using for controls in a web game.
  • There was a part near the beginning where some text on the side was talking about a box with a lid and maybe you finding a way to get it open. I spent an irrationally disproportionate amount of time jumping at the painting on the wall, thinking it was the box and trying to see if I could open it. Perhaps that should've been a bit more clear :/

Hey hey! Constructive criticism coming your way:

  • Does the screen have to be that small?
  • The part where you're climbing the stairs of alternative elements felt really jank, probably because the window in which you can switch is comparatively small for that section. I got it eventually, but it was more of a difficulty spike than it really needed to be tbh, especially cuz the section after that is way, way easier.
  • I'm sure you noticed this, but the game could use some sound :/
  • This could be because of the black and white, but it's really hard (at least initially) to tell the difference between what's presumably water and fire on both your player's head and the ground.

Overall though this game plays a lot better than others I've seen! Just wish it was longer :(

Constructive criticism is good for the soul, I think:

  • The timer is just too short.
  • The constant flashing, to me, is more distracting than atmospheric.
  • The "How To Play" section never really explains what "Add Fire" and "Add Water" do, specifically. So I'll get a number like 5 and click "Add Water", and it'll just say "WRONG". Why is it wrong?
  • I felt like having to gamble to gain additional time was not the best way to give the player additional time.

Heyo! Some constructive criticism, if you will:

  • Movement is not very refined in this game. In a way, it adds challenge, but in another way, it adds annoyance. With aerial movement especially, I found myself not being able to intuitively control the spirit.
  • The death sound is too loud.
  • When you die, the opening cutscenes shouldn't play again. You know, the part with the voice acting. This was especially a problem in level 2 where there was a lot of dying involved and I just wanted to retry quickly.
  • Switching between fire and water was a nice idea, but I felt like they weren't integrated really well, as in there wasn't really a point where I had to critically think about whether to be fire or water in that instance. Perhaps more levels will solve that.

But otherwise, I love the sound effects and the game design and the implementation of all the themes. Good work!

Some constructive feedback for you:

  • If you jump at the side of a white platform, you stop moving forward and stick to its side. This is a pretty clear sign that you didn't use frictionless colliders for the platforms
  • The concept of having to choose the attack based on the color of the enemy on reflex is pretty cool, but you can completely cheese that by just using both attacks at the same time for every enemy
  • The sound effects are way too loud

But yeah otherwise this is pretty nice!