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wow swag music i wonder who wrote it

(this was cool i had a fun time seeing your progress with it)

hi, thanks for the feedback! i received some similar comments about the sound that helped me narrow down what this might be. have you gone into the audio settings and flipped the "toggle vinyl noise" option to off? does that fix the issue you're having?

i like balloons too we have so much in common

i've found that people generally find the motor skill requirement for the step you're talking about to either be very very easy or very very hard, with absolutely no in-between

there are no jumpscares in this game

a hint guide is included on this game page

thanks niv!

yea! I actually had a couple more ideas on the back burner. I set a very short timeframe/scope for myself since I will soon be occupied by some major lifestyle shifts, so I didn't end up using them.

you all are legendary !

Congratulations on top 100! You all did great :)

Yea I programmed them with Unity UI because it automatically handles raycast blocking and mouse events. But I set all UI canvases to render in world space so that I can move them around like normal game objects.

If you're doing the signature region using Unity UI, you can have it so that the signature hitbox blocks raycasts by adding a Canvas Group component to it. This will make it so that whenever Unity detects that you're hovering over the signature region, it blocks it from also detecting that you're hovering over the paper object behind it.

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On each signature there's an invisible rectangular region that tracks whether the mouse is hovering over it. With Unity UI you can do this out of the box with an Event Trigger component. In the code there is a check that only adds points to the signature if the rectangle is currently detecting a mouse hover.

Unity's line renderer component keeps an array data structure in lineRenderer.points storing point values. Whenever I want a new point on the line, I add a value to the back of this array. To have the points be in local space you can set lineRenderer.useWorldSpace to false.


thank you! :)

I'm so struck by everything this team does I love this I love you

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hey chair

maybe one day i will do a full composition of it

aware of this :/ there are a couple level skips that are possible with this clip


yo ty


ooh yea i tried turning off collisions on the round guys when they spot a green square but i guess it wasn't enough to prevent that lol

thanks for playing! i appreciate it

oh yea i think that's a weird unity bug, for some reason it stops detecting space inputs if you're holding down two arrow keys? it should work if you use wasd controls iirc

thanks for playing! now that you mention it i should actually put a link to the soundtrack in the description

my idea with the light was that the player should theoretically see farther in front of them than behind but i do realize that that's not how most games handle spotlights

thanks for playing! yea jam games tend to be a little hard lol


We did use sprite masks! On UI layers you can have it so that sprite masks apply only to a specific range of sorting orders (eg z levels 1 through 3). We made it so that page objects use even-numbered z layers and any contents on the page (signatures, check marks, stamps) use the z layer directly above its page. That way if you have a letter with s.order 0 and another with s.order 2, the stamp on letter 0 has s.order 1, which is masked by letter 2.

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For each signature the game spawns a gameobject with a linerenderer component that adds points whenever the mouse is dragged to a certain delta distance. the points on the component are logged in local space, and the object is updated to follow changes in the page's position, rotation, and sorting layer.


yo ethan tysm! your stuff is stunning as well ty for also making inspiring toys

Hi! Thanks for dropping by :) The inspiration wasn't actually Pokemon but when I showed off the game concept on Twitter for the first time my entire follower-base thought of Pokemon immediately :P And yea I definitely remember Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box having some ice sliding puzzles in the late game :O



Yo, thanks for playing! You did pretty well :O

This semester I am taking the one single most time-consuming class I am required to take for my major so this will be hard but I am sure it will happen


I can't figure out how to produce this bug on my end :(
What version of Windows are you using?

This is actually a really good idea