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thanks for the feedback, the slow gameplay was designed on purpose to fit the atmosphere and the stop motion style, beside the fact that the demo is kinda short

hi Danar, thanks for the feedback, unfortunately i couldn't build web/unix version because we ran out of time, i am not sure if i am still allowed to add that after the submission or not ? 

Thank you everyone! We are glad to see that our hard work paid off , we hope everyone had as much fun playing it as we did making it

awesome graphics, cool use of subject and epic intro scene :,D , GG guys ! hope to see the full game one day

ps: need just a lil adjustement of the character mouvements/controlle

really good work as always, the music fits amazingly good job

@Jemimaru, i personally haven't heard of cheating tom before the jam, but after my participation alot of players refered to it, i gotta admit that my game is not very far from it, but don't forget that it was just a 3days work , and nchalah i will add special features and skills like you said, so that i make it more different and "unique" ;) , thanks for your feedback

@wbahnassi,thanks alot for trying my game and for your "positive critism" i must say. all your points make sense, there are some of them who i already noticed and fixed, and few others which i didn't pay attention to, i'll try to adjust the most important ones like the difficulty,the easy paths of the teacher and randomize the students positions. i hope you guys will like next version

@Jaffar Salih, thank alot bro, about the graphic style i do beleive it could be much better if i hire a designer , since i am a bad graphiste , i just tried to make it the least ugly as possible since i was working alone...and about the difficulty level, dont worry everyone kept complaining about xD and i've already made it easier on the coming version

@Radwan Kasmiya ,thanks for your encouraging comment and for trying my game its an honor for me, well about the html5 i dont have that module yet on my gamemaker version but i must say that it's a good idea, the game style fits html alot, i will export to it as soon as i will be able to =)

@Indie Saudi , well first of all thanks for trying my game and for your feedback, about your question on who worked on the design/programing/sounds ..etc , i did everything myself beside one or two sounds that i got from an open source library (i didn't remember which one , else i would of gave a credit ), it also explains the begginers mistakes i did on the design, cause i am a devlopper who knows just the basics about the graphic part... and it's kinda unfair to not rate my game properly because i didn't precise that i did everything myself, i noticed that none of the jam participants talked about it

@josephshomali, i really appriciate the you liked it, even though you said that you played a similar one before , i thougth it was original .. apparently not, i will try to add features to make it more unique

thank you everyone for your positive comments and helpful critics, for those many testers who said the gme was kinda hard , well i do agree with you and it was due to the short time as many of you knew it already , i didnt get the chance to test it alot unforunately (i just verified that the 3 defficulties were beatable), beside the defficulty many of you suggested awesome things i could fix/add and which i didnt have in mind , i can't thank you enough bros , i will work on it more inshallah , good luck guys it was a big pleasure reading ur feed backs

the game was awesome , the sounds and graphics looked nice but it was really really short :( just when we started to have fun it ends , hope we will see longer versions of it in the future inschalah who knows , good luck guys

desgin style and lights/shadows make it look gorgeous , the only critic i had while playing it is that i didnt find the theme on it , just like few other games , its still a nice work , good luck

graphics and sound effects were very fun , the simple game play made it easy and addicting to play but we can hardly find the zanga theme on it , i had much fun playing it and graphics made me laugh xD good job

the pixel art is aweosme but those women screaming broke my hearing ability xD , the idea with doors nd limited time to manage with going on and moving back was great for real , i really loved your work keep going bro

the main idea wasn't that bad but the game was hard to play , it needed more fixing for sure, it could make a good game after few updates , i liked the idea keep working guys and good luck

the idea was quite simple and classic , but it was very amusing to play i love shooting/fast reflex games so i found it in my taste , nice work and good luck guys

your game guys belong to the rare games i see here with a cool new idea , i find it very facinating ... i think the few beugs and graphics was due to the lack of time but you can make it an awesome game in the future just keep the original idea and think of add-ons , great job once again nd good luck guys

the idea is fantastic but the game itself had few moments of boredom, i think it can be devlopped to an awesome game for mobile if you find the right ideas , it was very fun to play good luck in the future plans

the graphics were awesome but the game play with the mouse was kinda hard , i think the collision mask of ur bombs was small . very fun to play and cool idea =) thanks for your work and good luck bro

nice game you have here, it wasn't covered by the zanga's theme in my opinion but it was very fun to play :)

i liked alot the idea of the game and the funny graphics/sfx , there is a point where its impossible to avoind when that red guy shoots many bullets at the same time but its no big deal , very good game and awesome work ;) respect (y)

amazing idea you have here bro , it will make a perfect mobile game i think , i had much fun playing it and trying to beat my score every time , but sometiems it gets impossible when a color get full of arrows , you should think about cleaning it after 6-7 arrows maybe so it remain playable =) , i really like your work , good luck

on of the best i've played till now , it was very funny and addicting to play , i couldnt stop until finishing the 6 levels , respect buddy :) awesome work

the drawings / graphics are scary and awesome but i didnt understand well the gameplay ? :/

good work , try something more original in graphics and the name if possible but it's still fun to play ^_^

awesome graphics and epic sounds , i had fun playing even if i found the control lil bit hard , your game deserve some updates and adjusting , i am sure it will be awesome on mobile ;) good luck

i liked the idea but it was kinda hard , we need some short signal before getting hit by that red wall lol , it could be very fun on mobile with some adjusting , good job guys =)

اعجبني التحكم واللعبة بصفة عامة لكنها صعبة للغاية ، لم استطع تجاوز المستوى الثاني لكنني إستمتعت كثيرا

(ملاحضة : رغم انها مسلية أظن ان اللعبة لا تتناول موضوع الزنقة لهاذا العام (الوقت المناسب

شكرا لمجهوداتك و حظا موفقا ان شاء الله

i liked the pixel art but it was very difficult , i wonder if you guys was able to won it :p , it's still fun thanks for your work and good luck

ps: the music couldn't stop playing in my head x)

i liked the graphics and game play but it had few bugs unfortunately , probably due to the short limited time :/ , maybe we will see a better version in the future , good luck guys ;) and thanks for your work

cool game bro , basic graphics but you used the perfect colors , i reached level 4 but it became harder ... too sliding that cube xD it took me out of me , still very fun to play . good luck =)

i really liked the pixel art and the graphic style , your game truly followed the theme of this year and it was very fun to play , it has few bugs i think due to the short limited time , good job bro :)

very simple and addicting , this game fits the theme perfectly and was very fun to play , congrats and thanks for this awesome work in 72hours only guys , GOOD LUCK Glimpse ;)

this game get addicting very quickly and i love how challenge it feels , the sound effects were great too but we wanted to see real cowboys dying i guess :3 , good luck in the future my bros ;) always keep going

the graphics are just amazing , i really need to work with you designer guys :p , i liked the main idea alot and it think it could get more awesome by adding more features in the future nchalah ;) , good luck guys

the main idea was good but the game itself is lil bit *empty* , you could of included other stuffs maybe. and by the way... the baby ball is very funny looking :D , good luck ;)

it's a fun game even though this kind already exists, could of been better with different graphics and some sounds i think , it's pretty good for a 72h work . good luck =)

i liked alot the idea of switching day/night with changing the platforms in the right time , the pixel art was kinda good too but the level was repetitive , it would of been awesome if it was randomized ...i really enjoyed playing it, congrats for making this beauty in 3 days , good luck

good idea and nice graphics too , i found the game pretty interesting but the theme isn't included much beside the shooting time , awesome job bro keep going ^_^

good game and good graphics in general but i think you didnt follow the theme of this year unfortunately :/

it was a great idea but the game play wasn't very fun unfortunately , it's still enjoyable and you could devloppe it to a better game =) good job