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This was the last game I tried in this jam, and I must say thank you sir for ending my tests with such beauty.

I really liked your concept and enjoyed alot the minimalistic graphics and the cool background sound+sfx , its rare to see such complete game in a jam + you had so many levels to offer ( some were really hard man btw xD ) . the only thing that bothered me was that I couldn't jump to the next level when I finished one and had to go back to the menu everytime ( did I miss something or it was meant to be that way ? )

I also have a suggestion that will help you improve the juice in your game, that shadow effect that the player leaves behind him, it gets too far away sometimes making it unpleasing to see, I think you can add more shadows with less opacity by calculating an interpolation between last position and new position ( x+previous_x/2 , y+previous_y/2) for example

Great idea, and well executed, totally deserved the 5 stars! 


What a review, it shocked me at first and now I feel obliged to write a detailed response, so let's get to it.

At first we started by creating a mechanic which is thrusting yourself using your gun, it came to our knowledge that the thrust is too weak or otherwise the gravity is too strong, which we are trying to fine tune, but the player may never know that it is a gun unless he used it, that's one of the reason we added the turret and added interaction between the player bullets and other objects in the environment, and in order to stick to the theme we didn't want to go all crazy and put too much mechanics in the game; here I'm referring to adding interaction with same color, but instead we just used the different colors to hint the player to different or new objects added to the scene.

I don't think this response is as detailed as your review but I hope it answers some of your questions, thank you for the review, thank you for helping us fine tune our game.

here you go

Thank you for your feedback, we'll be more than glad to record that tomorrow and post a youtube link here

thank you some much for your positive feedback and the cool suggestions, we are actually trying out many features and trying to keep the best ones that fits the game

I'll drop to your game page asap and let you know what I think of it

Best of luck!

it all make sense now, I guess i just didn't give it the time it deserves!

that was smartly done, all I can suggest is to make "all what you said above" abit more clear inside the game

there were many types of enemies but i couldnt notice the difference in behaviour, and i alos had many types of attacks which apparently were useless beside the fire one, don't take my personal point of view as a global fact, maybe i was just too stupid to understand your game

the main idea has a lot of potential but the poor game design makes it very confusing, the player should understand the rules of your games throught the game play, Mark explained that concept in his video about half life and megamman hidden tutorials. 

I liked the graphics and the 16bits sounds! goodluck!

thanks for your feedback, we have updated that but unfortunately we cant touch the version posted in the jam

thanks a lot for your constructive critics! the falling speed and restart time has already been updated since we got few feedbacks on that, there are so much more mecanics we didn't get time to put on the demo. we hope you can see our final product someday!

I will try your work as soon as I am home

Thanks again, best of luck!

cool concept man, loved the idea!

loved the art, humor and plot!! xD , nice conept too bad it was kinda short and repetitive.

great job tho!

Thanks for your feedback, it surely starts slow and it was so that players get used to the mecanics and propulsion force, since the levels after 15+ gets really hard and require a good control of the ball

Thanks for your feedback, well basicly we made a platformer without any mouvements ( not just jumping ) , the only way to move around was by using the shooting propulsion, and as you might have guessed, it will be also a punishement to shoot at enemies without considering the side effect.

the main idea and graphics were nice but few problems made the game less enjoyable, camera mouvement is really bad considering we use the mouse to interact with objects and move them, plus, the character controlle is just too punishing and not challenging

what a life lesson, nice concept, the gameplay should be worked on tho

it was fun, too bad it was too short :/ 

reminds me alot of thomas was alone, good execution and nice background music

the fact that players hit eachothers and the ground get slidy is really annoying, cool puzzles tho


the idea was nice but the glitches really made me rage quit, the object kept disapearing even without hitting the dark area, hope we get to see a better version cause the concept is great

nice job and goodluck!

simple and fun, fits the theme well. it was kinda short and needed music/sfx, good job

this game has actually something almost all zenga games are missing, it has "GAMEPLAY" and i congratulate you for that, the sound fits the graphics perfectly and level design is not that bad

all i can suggest is to maybe add a story since you have a very specific character and specific set of skills, and maybe also polish it abit with gfx and better "juice"

really nice work, i think its in my top 5 this year . goodluck!

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the graphics and sounds prove the hard work you guys put on the game, loved the one touch mecanic allowing the player to shoot and advance in the same time. i think the level design or puzzles can be improved, nice job and goodluck

the controles are really hard on pc, probably its better on phone. the idea is quite good try to work on the graphics and polishing a lil bit

remind me alot of "thomas was alone" i dont know if you know the game, the use of the theme is there and its probably one of the most fun games i tried this zenga.

i noticed that it gets hard quickly before even the player are used to the controles, you can probably adjust that, goodluck!

simple and fun, need some background music and maybe few challenges or powerups so players don't get bored quickly. I had fun playing it, good job!

the coop were really nice and fun, i think the graphics and puzzles can be worked on for a better experience and more fun, also try to make the mouvement more fluid and respensive, I liked the game overall and finished it

good job, wish you the best of luck

I loved the concept, very original and simple. didnt expect any less from you.. good job!

when jumping check if the player is in collision with the ground, because right now we can fly... goodluck!

loved the concept, the only thing disturbing is restarting from the begening when dying after a good progress, seemed more like punishing instead of challenging

really nice art style,  everything is clean and simple loved the game, good job

ps: the jump is way too high compared to the character hight and horizental speed

nice graphics, the game follow the theme nd is sweet but controls aren't too responsive, goodluck!

you took the theme abit too serious i guess, thats way too minimalistic

the graphics and mecanics are really nice, i loved the background music too, the few bugs, difficulty of mouvement and unclear game design made it difficult to understand/play

hope to see a better fixed version, goodluck

nice concept, does the wifi signal thing have a cooldown ? cause i couldnt use it alot and swa nowhere on the screen a hint about that

wanted to try it be too bad it says that my windows doesnt support openGL 3.3, love the art in the preview tho

First game i try for this year's entries... wasn't disapointed. The use of the theme is well present, the camera tilting made me dizzy and made the game more difficult even with the simple one tap mecanic. the only critic i can give you my brother tariq is that your graphic style is a bit over used in your games and we will be glad to see something visually different someday. keep on the good work and best of luck for the jam and the rest

thanks for the feedback, the slow gameplay was designed on purpose to fit the atmosphere and the stop motion style, beside the fact that the demo is kinda short

hi Danar, thanks for the feedback, unfortunately i couldn't build web/unix version because we ran out of time, i am not sure if i am still allowed to add that after the submission or not ? 

Thank you everyone! We are glad to see that our hard work paid off , we hope everyone had as much fun playing it as we did making it