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12 Percent

A member registered Jan 04, 2021

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I cant play this, would you mind telling me more in detail how to play? im on windows 10 

I LOVEE this game i try to play it as often as i can and honestly im hooked 

oh nevermind i just watched the vid, but i think they might have been using an invis hack, thats what i see most likely as i havent seen this bug at all in the game 

The other player just left the game.


blocks glitched through the walls while playing

yeah i started playing it, i like it but i liked the spongebob zombies theme 

Wish i could give money but im poor asf 

78.1 c:

love ur games man keep em coming and look forward to seein more from ya 

LOVED this game but i ran into an issue where i couldnt pull out my 2nd weapon after i tried to pack a punch an already pack a punched weapon (i know im dumb) and i could no longer pack a punch any more weapons