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aw ty

Name: Hasuma

Human Name: Hana

Age: ???

Type: Alien-like

Info: Once the ruler of a planet of aliens, but kicked off her land for unknown reasons. She had to move to earth and start a new life. Usually she got stares and glaces but she lived a good life. As she met other alien friends on earth she started to learn how to transform to a human like species like her friends.



Name: Shuga Oreon

Age: 17

Type: Oreo Cookie

Info: Shuga is childish and loves sugar! She loves to be kind and loves to play!

This is so amazing! Love it! ♥

Name: Aaron ??? 

Queen Name: Miss. Angel

Race: Drag Monster ♥

Evilness: Innocent but Sassy

Info: Gay and Quiet. He's the Queen of Drag Monster island and loves guests. He does anything to protect all the people from that island

🍓 Strawberry Gang 🍓

How do I play???

H o w  d o  i  e v e n  p l a y


Damnnn i love it

Ugh it was so hard but I did it!


Oof she went from paper white to dirt

it's hard to explain sorry

I can't like do the card things ;-;

Idk! I can't really do anything with the food amount anymore.

Aw thats cute! :D

Yuri is also hot (im pansexual)

Yaoi is hot (im a fujoshi)


pew pew pew effects and stuff

*anime wow noise*

Isn't so consensual eh?

But im partly gay. (Im Pansexual)

Omg same I even did my backup account and saw it still didn't work! 

Theres this glitch where if you put a coin on the cat box and the paper comes out theres nothing there and you just wasted a coin. :(

Man I love games like this

Theres kind of a glitch... I can't do any more foods ;-; 


You have to buy the game. Sorry, i'm not the one who made this. I'm mad too, but I can't change it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


(He, as in the dude that looked at your dick in the restroom)

When he's talking look at him and try not to "look weak" (stare somewhere else) 

When the player is talking look to the left.

I think your only suppose to change the clothes

This is actually really creative! Even if it's short, it's still a really good game.

Sometimes I just act out as them and make them do some questionable stuff...


Lol, that's creative!

I T S  T H E  F B I  O H  N O

Name: Vi

Race: Fluff Monster

Evilness: Not really evil.

Relative(s): Vin

Name: Vin

Race: Monster

Evilness: ITS OVER 9000!

Relative(s): Vi