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Voxel is really the only art I can do at a reasonable pace, I would need an artist if I wasnt using voxel art xD

I've made a pig and his a good boy:

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Some particle effects, a dust ring that will appear on falling impact and fire. ooh and also sound effects but can't really share them by gif :P
Dust Ring


Looking pretty good

Finally fixed a problem I had for hand/arm animations

Hmmm, "Salticidae"? name of the jumping spider family.

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Been really busy the last couple of days but I've made some progress, can now pick up and pull boxes and imported my character and some simple animations.

Looks like something that could have been in crash bandicoot !

That looks awesome!

See that bug gave me an idea for a game, now if we had the LD theme of small world, you could play as a god and each of those cubes could have a small world in them that you could interact with.

Yes I can't see why not, just keep in mind that not everybody got a controller tho, so try to add keyboard controls so they can enjoy the game aswell

Thats very cool !


Player model is looking THICC. "Ahem!" I mean looking good!

that is looking really awesome 

Got my basic player controller and camera controller working it, player even slide on slopes

Almost 100% sure you can use other peoples fonts as long as you got the license for them.

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I can see you have done some voxel graphics as well, and I've been thinking about getting a level designer + a voxel artist to join up with me.

I'm currently working on a 3d voxel puzzle platformer in Unity. You can see some of the work I've done today. Here . it's mostly just art stuff since I wasn't sure if I would team up with an artist.

I work on it alone for now, and I've programmed for like 3-4 years and worked with Unity for 2 years.

My discord is Sebastian#1706 if you don't have discord we can probably find something else out.

I didn't take my time for "granite" today.

Looking good!

Have done some art assets

Nice !

Looks really cool, looking forward to seeing more!

Looks really good! and I don't think it will be that similar to mine! Keep up the good work.

Player will control both at the same time.

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So my game Bereaved (That's what I'm calling it for now) is a Puzzle Platformer with voxel graphics(because I suck at blender) where you control 2 twin brothers(at the same time) that are spiritually connected that has dies, one is sent to the gates of heaven another to the gates of hell, you play as these brothers on their journey to meetup once again.

I've got the 2 screens setup with the ability to swap them around whenever you want

My first jam as well, I always found LD too stressful because of the short time frame.

No you dont, Matthew will pick some games out from the game after it ends and do a spotlight video talking about what he likes etc.
All you or your team gotta do is code a game (linked to the theme of "mirror" in some way) and make art assets