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That's a really awesome review! Thanks!

I get what you're saying about the copyright rules, you make some good points. The reason I haven't open sourced this game is because I'm not sure if I'm done with it. I'm not sure where the game is heading, if it'll be big enough to be a commercial product, or if it'll stay this small free game. The license was not something I wanted to deal with until the game was finished, so I just left it copyrighted. I've always wanted the code to be out in the open though in case anyone wanted to learn from it, which is why it's all on Github. Which license would you suggest? I don't think I can public domain everything, as the music isn't mine, they have their own licenses.

That isn't good! I'll certainly look into that. Try not using the antivirus before starting the fight. I don't have any problems if it's never opened.

Just make sure you don't skip too far, if you press it too many times then different parts of the fight play at wrong times, and it screws everything up.

Whoops! F11 is actually a debugging tool I put into the game to skip dialogue, so I can get to parts of the game faster. I forgot to take it out!

That's interesting! I have a feeling it has to do with that ù, I'm not sure if the chat box supports special characters like that. I'll take a look at it, although I'm not sure how to type that into the game, my keyboard doesn't have that character.

Thank you! I might consider it if a lot of people have the same complaint, but you're the first to bring this up. For me, it would take away from the experience, so I don't really see a reason to do it right now.

Yeah, this won't happen. The controls are supposed to be like how Windows works.

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I've had a couple big non-english Youtubers play my game, I wish I knew what they were saying!

It's very possible to beat the 2nd virus! I can do it, but of course I can. One of the issues I've seen is that the game isn't optimized for small monitors. I developed the game on a 1080p screen, and it plays the best at that resolution. If you still have issues, try changing the difficulty, it's in the settings!

EDIT: Also, yes, the game is still in development.

Copy and paste isn't implemented, and for gameplay purposes there's no real reason to do it.

This is a great idea, I'll certainly look into it!

If you're having trouble, you can set the game to easy mode if you want.

I might in the future, but this game is best played in full screen. It's more immersive that way.

Here's a hint for a possible easter egg: The viruses remember each time you die/respawn (especially the 2nd virus).

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Are you using the client? The client has an error where it extracts the executable (which is an AppImage) for some reason. If you are using the client, try downloading it through the browser.

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Thanks for playing! One thing, it seems like the audio is out of sync in your video.

This is a huge release! The second virus fight has been added! He is quite different from the first one. More sleazy and greedy. He uses shotguns as his main weapons, and he also uses popup ads to make money. Because of some changes to how the antivirus shoots, the first fight is now a lot easier. So… the second fight is harder by comparison!

Bigger Features

  • Added second virus fight!
  • Spacebar is now used to fire the antivirus. The fire button is gone.
  • Added a couple websites
  • Added health bar for Antivirus
  • Added new music for the second fight

Smaller Features

  • Z key can be used to see next message
  • Clicking on the notification opens up chat
  • Viruses now makes noises when talking
  • Adjusted virus dialogue
  • Desktop and Start menu now bring app to front if already open
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Now using LÖVE 0.10.2

Feedback would be really appreciated! Tell me what you think about the new fight!

Since so much code was added, there are bound to be some bugs hidden in there. If you find any, please report them! If you encounter a crash, please screenshot the crash screen and send it to me!

LÖVE 0.10.2 fixes some issues with Intel Graphics cards, if you were having issues before, try again now!

(P.S. I've added a cheat for those of you who don't want to play the first fight again. While the loading screen is fading away, press "1" and the first fight will be considered completed.)

The next version of the game will use the spacebar to fire!

I just made a test version of the game with the spacebar being used to fire. Here's the post where I discuss this, and provide a test version to try.

One of the most frequent complaints I get about my game is that it is too difficult to fire the antivirus. Having to stop moving in order to press the fire button was difficult for a lot of people. Personally, I thought that changing this would make the game too easy. But since so many people have requested this, I've decided to test this change out.

I've made a version of the game where the spacebar is used instead of the fire button.

Download the test version here!

Do you prefer shooting with the spacebar, or with the fire button? Try out the different difficulty modes! Is normal mode too easy now? With these changes, would hard mode be a better default? Or does normal mode still have a decent amount of difficulty? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

You'll need to install the LÖVE framework in order to run this .love file. After installing it, opening the game should be as easy on double clicking the .love file. If you are on Linux right now, try installing LÖVE through your package manager, the package name is just 'love'. I can help you if you have any troubles getting the test to run.

Like I said to StampedLeech96, it seems to be a driver issue. Update your drivers, and if that doesnt work, then I don't know what will.

I just started school, and its been taking up a lot of my time. I'll need to schedule more time to work on the game. I really want to work more on it, but sometimes school goes for a long time, and it's exhausting. I've also been a bit lazy though, this is partially my fault.

Anyways, sorry for the lack of development, I'll try to work harder! I'm going to try to get a few hours in every week for now on.

There's also now a new Don't Get a Virus Facebook group, if you're into that sort of thing!

I've seen this issue before! Do you have an intel graphics card? Somebody else had this issue, and we tried to figure it out. Turns out, it was an issue with the Intel Graphics driver. You can see more details about the issue here when I reported it to the Love2D issues page:

Try getting the latest graphics drivers. If that doesn't help, then I'm not sure what would fix it.

This is something I'm really unsure about, as the game would be much easier like this. Future levels would have to be designed to be a lot harder if I want to maintain the difficulty I want, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Perhaps the first fight would be better off easier, as it is also somewhat of a tutorial level. I dunno.

Good catch! I'll take a look at that.

That's cool! Thanks for playing!

That fan art reminds me of a couple anime I've watched.

The game is made with Love2D, not Unity. Also, that is an unfortunate bug, were you clicking + dragging the blue bar on the antivirus?

Thanks for playing! Love the dramatic ending in your video.

Just added the numpad enter, the next release will work for you!

Not a bug, Love2D interprets the enter key and numpad enter key as different keys, and I haven't added it. I'll add in the numpad enter key for the next release!

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Found a bug? Did your game crash? Tell me here, I'll try to fix it.

If your game has crashed, please either screenshot the crash screen, or write down what it says! It helps a ton!

You can also use the Github Issues page to report bugs, if you prefer using Github.

This is a rough roadmap to the finished product, it might be missing things.

I plan on adding a lot more to this game, including 4-5 more virus fights (2 of them will be on a very big scale). The second virus is one that uses pop up ads to generate ad revenue, here is a picture of him.
The programs planned right now are Paint, CMD, Calculator, Notepad, Mail, and possibly some mini games (Pinball, Pong, something like that). The help app will be removed, and the info will be put into the Documents folder.
Parody websites are also planned, so you'll be able to browse the web. I'm not sure wether these will just be still images, or functioning sites. Obviously functioning sites would take a lot more effort, but is it worth it?
I also plan on making the antivirus upgradeable, with upgrades like faster charge time or dual cannons. The upgrades will be bought with a currency (I'm not sure what to call it) that you get after defeating a virus.
Also, the current apps will be built on, the files app will get more files to look at, the settings will have more options, things like that.
The start menu is also being remade to accomodate more apps, and a shutdown button.
Lots of easter eggs and hidden secrets are planned too!

Feel free to suggest anything you want to see in the game! I'd love to hear some new ideas. This thread is more for bigger features, if you have found a bug or want a small change then this thread might not be the place.

Thank you for finding that bug! Very helpful.

Also, the antivirus upgrading is planned! But, theres no point at the moment to impliment it until there are more fights. The chat notification opening the chat app is also a great idea, I'll do that. I wont be making seperate intances of the programs, due to how I've set this all up... but I will make it so it focuses the window when you click on the icon! Good idea. Last thing, the start menu is being redone to add more stuff, so the shutdown button will be added!

Give me a couple minutes, and I'll make a roadmap post.

Thank you for your suggestions!

This is just a small release, nothing really too big.

Bigger features

  • You can now reply to your friend in the chat, and he replies back
  • There is now a document viewer, as well as documents in the document folder
  • Added a website (find out which one!)

Smaller features

  • Bug fixes (I think I fixed that crash for some people on lower end machines when the virus appears, please tell me if it isn't fixed on your end!)
  • Changed up the virus dialogue a little, fixing some typos along the way
  • Virus now blinks
  • Added some dialogue, code, and assets for the second virus, but none of it is noticeably used in game yet.
  • Other small changes

If you are using a client like the gamejolt or client, and you don't seem to see any of these new features, try reinstalling the game! I had an issue with this on the client on linux, but reinstalling seemed to fix it.

Please tell me if you find any errors! Screenshot any crashes you have, it's very important for me to see them!

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for playing, I like the video.

Thank you! I hope you like it.

Thanks for playing it! Perhaps I need to make the last part of the fight a bit easier, you did the first part pretty well on normal mode.