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I Thank you very much for replying to me Dev, I believe the demo version was having a bit a conflict with the purchase version. When I uninstalled the purchase version and reinstalled it I had the same problem. It wasn't until I uninstalled and deleted all contents of the demo version from my computer and installed the purchase version again that the game played as you the Dev intended for it to play. I just have another question to ask ... is the elevator supposed to work for us to reach the surface ? 

Thank you again for taking the time and answering the questions for us all ....  


After your last update I lost all of my saved games and then when I tried to start a new game I've notice that my characters can not use the computer. I have tried almost everything that I could think of including uninstalling and downloading the game again. This is not a demo that I am playing I brought the game a few weeks ago.  Is anyone having the same or similar problem after the last update. That's the update after the medical bed was introduced to the game.

This is just to hard for the begaing of a game.

Thanks for replying, I feel a little better now that someone out their understood .... :)

Ashore community · Created a new topic Eating Bug

This Character stays hungry, it has to be a bug in the game. If not there is no use of buying a game like this if you have to feed your character more than enjoying the game.