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Fucking phenomenal.

Thank you for responding, and I'm sorry if I was rude in my last comment... Really sorry. 

About the other game, I've checked it out, and thanks a lot  for making it! Vestr's story is the best! Yeah, I'll wait... Even though it is a LITTLE FRUSTRATING! But take all the time you need. I was just checking if you were still working on it in a not-so-nice way. (Sorry again.) Thanks. You're really awesome. 

I find this game mother flippin' amazing. Love it. You. Need. to continue it. Please. 

The very beginning of the game was such a cool teaser for the whole (I'm talking about the cut-scene kinda thingy at the very beginning.) and mentally left you begging for more. The story unravels nicely, maybe not with as much intrigue as you wrote here, (but that might have just been me when I read the stuff written on the game here.) but it was phenomenal. Please keep up the good work, it rules already.

My future of growing love for this game is in your very clearly capable hands. 

Are you dead? Seriously. If there's something wrong and you have a reason for being away, I am so so soooo sorry for being rude, harsh and... Yea. Being disrespectful, basically. But like, yea... PLZ PLZ PLZZZZZZZZZZ be alive, healthy, and well, not just because of the game, (Partly, because... duh. I actually know a person as amazing at VN making as you is alive because of this game.) but because any problem which is too hard to get through, is simply a bad thing, but... Yea. If something's wrong, hope everything get's right soon, all the best, take as much time as you need, and all that. But if there's no excuse... pleeeaaassseee!!! PLEASE GIVE THE FULL GAME!! ):

I know, right.

Like, bruh. (Or sis.)


It looks fucking rad.

When. The FUCK IS THE FULL GAME? HUH??!! HHHHUUUUUUHHHHH?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?LJREQNBG£(hr1fh'98y

my friend & me: reading the game.

Friend: brings up the MC's age . 

Me: *checks* Holly FUUUUCK

Friend's math was on point.

Allow me to show you the math; Elder=112 years older than MC.  


Elder is 120...