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Real air of mystery. Very good!

What a game! I'm shaking and crying right now!

what a dream come true

A beautiful story of forgiveness and revolution which brought me to tears. Neigh-thaniel's struggle for freedom against unbeatable odds was a remarkable monument to horse-kind's determination. I could not help but quake in my hooves as I beheld the masterpiece take shape. 

The graphics were crisp, the gameplay unique, and every part's length as well proportioned as a stallion's gait. Historical inaccuracies aside, a solid 10/10 game all around. Now excuse me as I go and look at some humans in the zoo. 

Tried to plan everything to fit in a nice square so I could make the city like grids. It makes money but it doesn't look very livable at all. I call it Newer York. Here is the time lapse.

Good for something made in a few hours.

Plays like a dream (literally). Reminds me of a different game I really like, called Cycle of Pawmerce

My bones are brittle and my joints are painful forever now, but at least I cured my hangover. 10/10

Jelly legs is best boy

Another great game!

The dialogue and characters are fun as always, and the story is pretty interesting as well. The art fits really well too. The biggest thing for me is that when all the clues pile up on the board, finding out what connects to what is just a game of brute force. The fact that previously attempted connections get greyed out really saved me and my two brain cells. I honestly think that the game would have actually benefited if the clues were cut in half.

Also that Joel Haver reference with the "nobody checks Tahiti", loved that. 

10/10 game

Choosing powerups for the enemy was a fun idea, but the difficulty was almost impossible until I realized [Spoiler Warning]  the difficult moves could be dodged by just moving side to side and mashing the dodge button. 

Also I never got to go to disneyland :(

Cool game and concept. Rope charging up is kind of slow tho

this game isn't about having fun. It's about winning, absolutely dominating your opponent without mercy. I have fought hundreds of battles against rival merchants, and I have won everyone with my strategies and daring. I corner the early boot market, monopolize the gold trade, and buy out every sale with my superior finances, all while making sure every city has sweaters. I am a god. I am a god of pawmerce!!!!!

What can I say except that this game is an absolute masterpiece in execution and naming. The people who made this are genius and sometimes I start laughing randomly whenever I think about this game. Like when I remember that the walls and floors and ceilings look like butts I just crack up everytime :DDD

I love this game so much I play it with my brother all the time. It was a little hard to figure out what to do at first but now we are masters at getting caught very quickly. The game is simple but so good and we are planning to maybe do this in real life one day (just kidding because they don't let you bring games into prison I asked my mum)

i have fallen and I cant get up T-T

fun game tho

just gotta get over it

Being born never felt so raw

u can use "/" instead 

Each wave more terrifying than the last, I had to use the cata-pult at full blast, but in the end, I won, and I never lost again because this game made me a man, I was a boy before, but after, I became a manly man with manly man stuff because this is a game where boys become men. I only cried one tear, and it was on my left cheek. 10/10 would blast agains