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I thought that the gimmick with the physical fitness meter was amazing. I think that the gimmick will bring tension to this game and be very stimulating educationally.

I was surprised at the collaboration between shooters and educational games. I think it's a very interesting idea. It was fun.

The character is very cute. I felt that the song was also a very high-level work with an old game feeling. It was fun.

I like the fact that the characters move very delicately. And I think it's a great educational game with educational elements in play.

I felt very comfortable being able to move with the mouse. I think this game is a very high level.

I think that this game is very enjoyable for children who do not like to calculate because it is a study of numbers.

It was an educational game that used junk as a shooting game well. It was very interesting.

I think that this game is very good because it is a study of the map of Japan. I think both the fun and the technical aspects are out of 100.

This is a nice game. It was very interesting.

I  was surprised at the specification that a bullet came out when I clicked on the mouse.  I think it's a very educationally good.

The difficulty level was quite high for me. It was interesting that various ways the enemy moved was devised.

I am studying life science

 My hobby is cooking

My favourite game is apex 

 I will make a   pazzle    game for this jam.