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Played as part of a Random Horror Games video. This was really interesting! I was enjoying the slow atmosphere of the house and then the stuff at the end really took it up a gear. Can't wait to see the continuation! (Your game starts at 26:11)

Played as part of a Random Horror Games video. I've played a few games that have attempted the old school RE/Silent Hill style and this is probably the best one so far! Good work!(Your game starts at 7:50)

Played as part of a Random Horror Games video. If only Konami wasn't determined to run Silent Hill's memory into the ground, you could do a fantastic job on a full remake.

Enough to establish what the game will be about but make you want more. Creepy, well acted and atmospheric. Can't wait for more! 

It's a pretty promising start, I'll be donating to the kickstarter and checking out what comes next! 

Played this as part of a Random Horror Games video. What there is isn't bad but I can't help but feeling that there should be a little bit more to it. Was this a jam/LD game? (your game starts at 13:55) 

Played this as part of a Random Horror Games video. Considering your age it's really not bad at all! Very interesting to see what you make once you've learned and developed more. (your game starts at 3:55) 

So is the "To Be Continued" screen a Game Over screen? Because I'm really not sure if I finished the game or not.

I've also seen the same house in games such as Husk and The Survey. It's a very overused asset pack.

Hi! Is there a possibility of a zip/rar version of the game?

(I'll put the question in a less rude way than the below poster)

Never mind, I got it! Finished the game. Video coming soon.

So I'm assuming that you have to collect the keys in a specific order, and the key you need doesn't appear until it's time to collect it? If so, could you please let me know the order that I need to go in? Because I'm struggling to tell from the icons in-game.

You recorded 3-minute video which showed a small portion of the game. Did you even play any more than what you recorded?

Played this as part of a 'random horror games' video. It was fun! I got bamboozled into thinking something spooky was going on.

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Played the game as part of a 'random horror games' video. Not bad, but room for improvement! I give feedback in the video (your game is first!)

If it's the Crashes folder you're referring to, then sadly there's nothing in there :/

I don't say this about many indie horror games...

But I absolutely loved this.

The atmosphere is incredible, the visuals and sound are fantastic, I was on complete edge all the way through.

Played it alongside some other Jam games! (Your game starts at 51:51)

I had quite a few issues with the game which I detail in the video. Sadly I think the camera lock bug was the only thing preventing me from finishing the game.

Played it along with some other Jam games! (Your game starts at 32:08)

There's the makings of something really interesting here! There's the potential for a creepy Silent Hill-style game and I'd like to see you make it!

Played it alongside some other Jam games! (your game starts at 28:03)

Strange, weird, creepy. 

I loved it.

Played it alongside some other Jam games! (your game starts at 22:28)

Quite unlike anything I've played before, but I really liked it. Played it alongside some other Jam games! (your game starts at 11:34)

Really interesting game! I understand you were constrained by the Jam but I'd like to see this be expanded upon in the future. Played it with some other Haunted PS1 Jam Games! (your game is first)

Yeah, switching between full and windowed didn't do anything. Such a shame as it looks really interesting!

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So the introductory text crawl plays and then I just get a black screen. I'm in the game because I can hear my footsteps walking round. I've tried reinstalling and switching between full-screen and windowed, and I don't think it's an issue with my PC. Any help?

A few pointers:

- The "mobile phone" asset being a picture frame didn't give a very good first impression. Appreciate the cute kitty, though.

- Is it possible to put quality options into the game? My PC was chugging and struggling to run the game. Making your game in UE4 and then not putting quality options in is gonna alienate a bunch of potential players with less powerful rigs. 

- The overall layout of the map was pretty good.

- Player model being a SWAT-type person was a bit weird.

- Scares were predictable and so-so.

Not a terrible game but I'd say needs a bit more work. Keep it up!

That was really cool! Looking forward to the full game.

So I've been playing more on my off-time and I'm really impressed with what there is considering it's pre-alpha. The painting puzzle was very clever and the chainsaw-zombies definitely gave me a scare. Keep working on this!

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I'm eagerly awaiting another game from you. Contemp was amazing and I can't wait to see what else you could make. 

Oh yes, it didn't occur to me at the time but now that you mention it it's very reminiscent of Paratopic! Definitely a great game to be inspired by. Can't wait to see what you make next!

This was pretty good! I played it along with some other HPS1SSJam games and this was definitely the most intense. It really took me by surprise! (your game starts at 44:02) 

Played this along with some other HPS1SSJam games, and I enjoyed it! It's weird and creepy in a way I really like. I don't think I got a "true" ending and I'll probably go back to it at some point. Looking forward to Gorgeous Errors Of Flesh when it arrives! (your game starts at 29:44) 

Hi! I played this along with some other Haunted PS1 Jam games. I think it still needs some work (which I talk about in my video below) but there's definitely improvement from Chapter One. (your game starts at 17:41) 

This was fun! I think the steering needs to be a little more forgiving but the visuals and music are pretty great. Played it along with some other HPS1SSJ games! (your game starts at 10:28!) 

As a fan of \SPEK.TAKL\ I knew I was in for another freaky experience. This did not disappoint. Played the game with some other HPS1SSJ games! (your game is first)

It just launches it in an window.

I've got a black screen. Am I doing something wrong?