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Fed a sentient rat to a cat, 10/10

Quite an upgrade compared to the prototype! I enjoyed playing through this demo very much. 

Managed to make the mistake of not recording my playthrough though, again.

Alexovics gang

Interesting concept. I like it!

I'll check that out, thanks for the update!

This is brilliant! The cards got my attention at first, as I was looking for something similar to Baten Kaitos. This may not be that, but it's pretty fun. A great blend of action and tactics, in my opinion.

I was able to get through this demo in around 50 minutes, although with 1 HP left. Being able to use cards outside of combat helped a lot with avoiding mob clusters (by zig zagging, dashing through and teleporting them away to make a path) and choosing my own battles. 

I'm definitely looking forward to the future of Dungeon Drafters!

I wish I recorded the gameplay. 

I like this.

Huh, there's a game about me now? Neat.