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If "will missiles hit any valid target" what? true/false/banana?

It looks like a bot following the script in the screenshots will;
return 3 irrelevent values/errors,
set a presumably global variable,
return a 4th irrelevent value/error,
move an undetermined distance in a random direction,
and then nothing for the rest of the game.

Surely gramatically/syntax-wise it should be;
"missiles will hit"
"artillery will hit"
"closestEnemy exists""

I'm not sure if you meant to attach a screenshot, but I'd be happy to help clarify a script if you're having troubles. I mentioned in another comment here that there is in-game documentation that you can find from the ❔ button in the script editor. It says this about "willMissilesHit":

Also, I don't know if you watched the video that pops up when you first go to the script editor, but it could shed some light on terminators and the "exists" block: 

I'd love for there to be better content for teaching this directly in the game (as opposed to on YouTube). It's on the roadmap, but I don't know when it will actually be in the game. My guess is that it probably wouldn't be before mid-2020 (if Bot Land is still in development then).