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I agree that "proper" debugging would be amazing, but I think it would be prohibitively difficult to add. 😢 The in-game documentation would probably help you out greatly—click the ❔ in the script editor to see it. There, you'll find information on how "x" works (see image below) or the debugLog function: 

I need to add more pointers to this knowledge since players currently have to discover it for themselves. I have some ideas on how to do this, but I'm currently focusing on stabilizing from all of the other bugs/feedback that I've gotten post-launch.

I hope you've been enjoying Bot Land, and thank you for playing!


That's great the documentation exists. Could you add a tool tip to the variables in game? It could pull the same text you already have in that documentation when you hover the mouse over its puzzle tile.
Good luck prioritizing all the stuff to do. Thanks for making Bot Land!

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I'm not sure a tooltip would be the best fit, but if you right-click a block and choose "help", it will bring you to that part of the documentation:


(EDIT: this same menu shows up on a long press on mobile)

Nice! I didn't know about that right click menu either. Makes sense you do it that way to support touch screens. What about a tooltip for everything right clickable that says "Right click for more options"? That tooltip will stay impossible to view on mobile.

Like I said, I'm not sure a tooltip would be the best fit. For one, they can show on mobile in Bot Land when you press and hold something without letting your finger off of it. Also, while I'm not a UX expert, my view on tooltips is that they are good for information that users have a hard time remembering, but once you learn about the in-game documentation or the "help" button, then I don't think you ever need to relearn it. With that said, there is a UX designer behind the UI that you see in Bot Land, so I will likely consult him if I ever get to tackling this issue. I would probably go about it via other educational means like a tutorial, video, or section for tips somewhere in the game.