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Hey, sorry for the late reply, my work hours are killing me right now, most of the stuff i actually found out by experimenting myself. Luckily i knew blender before i got into sims 4 modding, so it was an easy transition for me.

All you need to get is Sims4Studio and you are pretty much set, the program is super intuitive, so it's easy to figure out. As long as you know how to do 3d modelling, you'll be pretty much making stuff fairly quickly.

I personally don't know *that much* about sims 4 modding, and there is a lot that can be done still. So i could only reccomend checking some video tutorials or visiting the official sims4studio forums and check some guides over there.

Yeah, since I made that comment I started making some progress towards some mods of my own, but I get stuck when importing them into Studio, as they just don't show up... is a UV map necessary if the mesh data already has textures applied to it?

Depends on what you are making.

Not showing up can be lots of things.

Make sure to apply the scale, position, rotation and all that stuff to the object before importing it into S4S.

uv maps, not so sure. iirc 1 uv map is for texturing and another one is for lightmap baking in realtime, so its reccomended to have the second one but, most of my ports work with just one just fine.

I would prolly be able to help out a bit more if i could actually see the error/issue, would be easier this way