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What an ingenious game! I really enjoy it. It captures the fun and tension of LG's masterpiece indeed - that's what I call a well made "demake"!

Thanks! I've been a fan of the Looking Glass style of games since Ultima Underworld and on into Dishonored. I love the emphasis on creating an immersive atmosphere; on giving the player a bunch of fun systems to play with, even if they're not balanced; and the exploration of non-combat interactions with enemies.

There's an older ThiefRL I did that's available elsewhere ( that is much more explicitly trying to ape Thief. It has a few more features (a friendly NPC, lock-picking, secret doors, extinguishable lights) but is a single hand-made map.

This game (ThiefRL2) was primarily an attempt to come up with a random map generator for that style of stealth gameplay in the space of a few days. It turned out pretty well; my wife still plays it. I'm working on some follow-ups.