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I have a request, if that is alright.  I would like Wadsmoosh to detect the state of censorship, and to offer the choice to alter the appropriate wads to the user's preference. 

 Below are two ways to decensor (and censor)  the Classic DOOM wads, so that you can analyze them or ask permission for incorporation into Wadsmoosh.

Thanks for hearing me out - and even more so for Wadsmoosh.  It is lovely to play nearly all of Classic DOOM with a single file.  :)

don't bring politics into discussion please, that is his beyond technical limits. there is nothing he can do around that, don't bring unnecessary discussions please.

I don't see why this is beyond JP's ability, considering that there are various changelogs that include the editing of levels for better compatibility or accuracy.  Further, I do not see how my request is political:  I requested the ability for users to decide whether or not there is censorship.  That is inherently apolitical, because people on either side can determine for themselves what is appropriate and tweak the game accordingly.

I don't have any interest in doing this, sorry. If you want an IPK3 with or without the Nazi content etc then provide the appropriate IWAD files and (re)run WadSmoosh.

Fair enough.  :)