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Dude, watching my 10-year old dip dive duck and dodge around my living room playing this was so awesome and gratifying! My first 3D shooter was Wolfenstein 3D back in the day so seeing him get started in VR on such a similar game...why it warms my heart! Thank you for this!

As for the game, wow this is ridiculously entertaining for a single level! My son actually beat me to winning it first! He was like "aww that's it?" and I had to explain this guy on the other side of the world was doing this in his spare time. He was like "oh wow, well this is awesome! I can't wait for more!"

Only real feedback that hasn't been mentioned is I'd like to see collisions on the ceiling too, It's very minor but would be cool. Maybe if you add some annoying bats to come peck at you you can fix it at that time? Hah that would be freaky, you're facing a room of soldiers and some bats come down from the ceiling to harass you! Anyway, there's my thoughts.

Take care of yourself over there! Looking forward to the next alpha 0.0.3! P.S. it would be nice if maybe you add a bit more health to yourself.

Thank you! I'm glad that my little game was able to provide fun even though it's still so bare bones. :D Sorry there is so little to it at the moment. I'm working on it!

I've already fixed the ceiling issue so that will be in the next update. About the bat idea - I actually have something very similar planned! ...But it's coming in version 0.0.4. Not exactly bats but little quadrotor drones that zip around. The new enemy in the upcoming V0.0.3 update is a tough security robot, and I've added an SMG with a high rate of fire and physical reload ability to help fight it, though it's not necessarily a straight upgrade to the pistol.

Also, about adding health; I have finished adding health restoring items (food that you eat) that replenish HP for V0.0.3, and difficulty options are probably coming for V0.0.4. Also, now you can see how much HP you have remaining when you look down.

I've still got a few more features to add, then I'll get some more bugs out of the way and the new update will be done!