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still this game is not working for me it's just a white blank screen any ideas would love to play this.

Hey, i'm back ; have you solved the problem ?

i suggest you to update at the last opengl driver, you graphic card : install all the vcredist in order, to have all the microsoft visual c++ libraries.
A trick for fix the game, is to set the game to openGL render, put the unload system to 0 and execute the game from 4v4.exe

Tomorrow is coming a newer version of the game, but the changes will be very fews ; just a portrait fixed and new musics, nothing more nothing less.

Your problem, seems like referred to a ram loading process that takes too long ; the game works very good on newer ssd or hdd memory supports ; this game has a lot of problems with old or messy computers, with old drivers, old hard disks or old graphic cards.

Don't fool yourself ; this game seems like a old game with a poor graphic, it is'nt ; this game has the entire universe of mankind imagination inside itself, and is still not accomplished with all the characters, in fact, in future, i will upload it again.

The matter about the loading problems, is fixable without clicking nothing and letting the game to load properly ; i repeat myself ; this game has problems of loading with old computer, or messy systems.

It's a game very based on the memory of an hard drive and gpu, or better; ssd.

i will edit the minimum requirements.

Thank you for your patience, if the game still doesn't work on your system i can give you a refund if you want.

Bye !.

its not working still could you possible teamviewer  with me to set the thing to 0you are totally fine i

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