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Sorry for the far less late reply, I didn't think that I still had my saved game so I thought that I had to restart the whole game again to reach this damned point in the titans land where we have to press a red button before the green one in order to continue and since I felt so frustrated to be stuck at this point and you didn't answer, I didn't feel motivated to restart the whole game when you replied so late.

But today, I felt like giving it another chance so I launched the game and, to my surprise, I kept my saved game so I could have answered to you immediately if I didn't forget that I kept my saved game.

Anyway, could you please post some screenshots here to show where exactly is located this accursed red button which made so many players give up on an otherwise nice game?

When I (desperately) searched for a solution to my red button predicament, I read here that I was far to be the only one to be stuck at this point as other players asked you to tell them where is the red button as they couldn't find it, just like me, and you posted a video on YouTube in order to show the location.

However, I was not able to watch the video since it no longer exists.

Which is why I ask you to post here some screenshots, because you can post screenshots right here, in the discussion, and if you do, they will stay here, contrary to videos hosted on a third-party site to which anything can happen.

Actually, since this red button has got so many players stuck and frustrated, I would humbly suggest to you to downright change its location in the game to make it less impossible to find, that would solve the issue entirely and spare frustration to other players as well, what do you think? :-3

Ah, also, if you are not active here, at least enable the e-mail notifications in your Itch account settings in order to at least be notified in your mailbox when someone tries to reach you here when you are not around, that would help a lot.