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This game is pure gold. I hope you make another game because I fell in love with this one! Also, I hope you're doing well. Which guy did you love the most? For me, it was Chanyeol :3

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Ah, wow! Pure gold, hm? (^: I'll definitely continue to make games! And I am doing very well, thank you. (^: My favorite at the time I started this game was Chanyeol-- which is why I gave him such a large role as the guide-- but my favorite route in the game is Chen. (I do love them all, though, I admit.) Thanks for playing!

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Yay! I can't wait! I always look out for your page because it made a big impact in my VN life haha! <3 Saranghae! Hwaiting! ;)

Awesome, I'm so glad! I've been busy so if you are interested, you can always check out my other releases. (^: Thanks a lot, I'll be working hard, haha.