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Hey man, I played your game and seeing that it is just in its baby stages, it is very promising. I'm just curious as to what way you are going to go with this. Is there gonna be a boss at the end and then you go to the next floor (kinda "The Binding of Isaac" style) or are you going to do completely different? Also, if you ever need help with anything or more feedback, I'd be happy to contribute!!

Hi, thanks for trying my game!

I'm not sure about having a boss at the end of every map, but there will probably be several bosses as you go up the levels, eventually! I'm making it up as I go so who knows what it'll eventually end up like. My big inspiration is Nuclear Throne so maybe something like that if it works but I'll have to experiment.

For what I'm doing in the short term; I just finished implementing a new weapon and a new enemy, and I'll be focusing on refining the gameplay a bit more and squashing bugs and problems before I release the new update. The update after that will probably be focused on improving the environment and maybe adding a new level but that might get pushed back depending on what kind of feedback I get and what bugs turn up.

If you have any suggestions or issues, please let me know! Much appreciated!