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Hey, so. Despite being a self-proclaimed Super∴Fan (who talks too much), I never actually played this game until just now, late on a September Sunday night. Because... Well, I guess it was a shallow aversion to the jittery graphics and just how bleak the whole thing looked and seemed. Plus, mouse controls?! In a platformer?! And I did that thing that most people stop doing after middle school and just acted like I had played it without ever having actually done so.

Until now, a hundred and four days (of summer vacation) after its release. Why now? Well, in a word, it was the music. Kevin used a song from this game in a video clip of Project Maiden Alpha Gaiden (A name I made up that is by no means official) a day or two ago and today I woke up singing that song, and didn't quite stop singing it until I sat down and finally played this game. I guess I'm just a sucker for that mandolin in the back of my head, y'know?

Anyways, enough about me. The game is... Good. Here is my number one favorite thing about it:

Tumbleweeds, the only "true enemy" in this game, seem to wait until they see you to begin their tumbling and weeding. This somehow gives them more malice than you'd feel from an enemy that is animate in the traditional sense, like a brown walking mushroom/chestnut enemy.
They also reveal the secrets of the universe (sometimes. On accident?)

Here is my least favorite part of this game: My monitor is of an unusual resolution, so I had to scroll up and down depending on where my character was in order to see them. I'm not sure how foreseeable that could have been, however. The mouse controls really weren't that bad at all.

Good game, I'd put it between Beep's Place and Cakewalk.