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I'm a simple guy. Linux + FPS = Download.

That said I prefer level-designed games, rather than this randomized devil-daggers style arena stuff, so I'm not going to comment much on the gameplay.

+ The game is really pretty, thanks for allowing us to turn off color grading and chromatic aberration, it looks much better without them

+ Textures are nice and crisp, particles look good (apart from enemy hits, those triangles look a bit weird compared to everything else)

* You should consider an option to tone down the motion blur rather than just on/off

* Now maybe this is intentional, but as a doom/quake3/half-life player the movement inertia being relative to the camera is really off-putting for cornering and chaining jumps together. To be fair this is more like how Build did it and I'm sure people used to platforming in that might not be bothered as much by it.

- PLEASE have an option to turn off the strafing sway, I love me some tasteful view bobbing but I hate even the tiniest amount of this crap.

- There appears to be input lag from you rendering the mouse cursor inside Unity instead of getting the OS to do it.

- Game runs like hot garbage when shadows are turned on, even on the lowest setting. And frankly I can't really tell the difference anyway, the art style is focused so much on the bloom highlights that I can't even usually see the shadows in the first place.

- It's not always obvious how you died, especially when right next to the spawn walls, having the game freeze briefly before showing the score screen doesn't help either.