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I'm tired of this.

I'm tired of reliving the part where the surroundings are red, my heart is beating and someone screws it up for me by forcing Baldi to catch up to me.

I'm tired of watching the ending on YouTube and not getting to experience it myself.

I'm tired of always trying not to mess up the sequences by accident or against my will.

I'm tired of seeing the object go red and crash the game.

I'm tired of playing for hours without getting anywhere since all I do is repeatedly lose my progress.

I'm tired of the other characters for getting Baldi to me instead of killing me themselves.

I'm tired of the same things happening all the time.

Even with the bug where Baldi can't access the large stuffed room with the turquoise notebook and the chalkboard about the dabbing, I repeatedly lose.

So you know what?
That's it. I'm done.
I'm probably going to keep playing until I do, but I'm done with always facing the same events, the same difference in number generation, the same waiting, the same rush and the same disproportionate heartbeat when everything's suddenly calm in the void after doing all that work. I've had enough. Screw this.

same :(