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Just got done playing this game, and I really quite enjoyed it! ^.^
Pixel RPG's (especially horrors) are a top favourite of mine! I found the artwork to be quite beautiful, but the character sprites stood out above the rest - so crisp and neat, not to mention beautifully animated.
The concept behind this tale is honestly quite a curious one! I feel like certain things could've been further explained, but all in all it made reasonable sense!

- I really want to know about the room with blood seeping out?? I thought there'd be a chance to explore it, but unfortunately not. I'm assuming it's the room where James does all those 'bad things' Chloe tells him to. I think it would've really added to the horror atmosphere if the inside of the room was accessible.

- I wish I knew more about Alex's friends, too. The ones who were telling him the story at the beginning! Did he fall asleep and wake up in this village? Or is that what he thinks?