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Hi, so i played the game and now im gonna comment about it. Lets start of by saying the graphics are very good, impressed you pulled this off in one week. Now, lets move onto what i don't like about the game. The camera movement is weird and the mouse sensitivity is wayyy to high. The amount of enemies is too big for a single dude to handle, plus i think the player doesn't even do any damage to the enemy dudes while the bad guys beat the living hell out of the protagonist. I also liked the music and the animations. And i don't think the game fits the jam theme, no deception whatsoever. All and all its not a bad game. Kudos!


I really appreciate your review man , it means a lot . Most of what u said about the combat is very true but sadly I didn't have enough time to adjust the combat . The game doesn't fit in the beginning yes but if you played through it and reached the boss battle you will see that it fits the theme . But , I know that is my fault that the game is this hard and this difficulty stopped many people from completing the game . I just took a risk and aimed too high but ended up not polishing the experience . Thanks again for your amazing feedback , man.