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I just tested it, I hoped that it had be better, but heh it's a Alpha ^^

Zombies did spawn at a car crash dropping from the air while there already was zombies so I was in a 1 vs 7 situation and appearently the combat is very bugged, the first one I did got with 1 hit, but the next one appearently as I was standing on the ragdoll of the first I couldnt hit him and hit above him or something like that and after that I got killed even I managed to heal myself up with a medkit and fight against the remaining ones, I did got killed as soon as they approached giving me no counterplay as they didnt even played some sort of attack animation

I didn't found any loot at all except dead players, and my inventory was VERY bugged, after lot of clicking in the attempt to drop a item as my inventory was full, it disappeared completely and I needed to relogg, and some items bugged away doing so

The buildings was bugged(there was 2 doors in each other and one pillar sticking out of one of the door which was open while the other was closed

hahaha, rough day in Survius

Yea, I hope you can fix that, especially the inventory was a pain ^^

The inventory system works fine. Left click is use, right click is drop. You can drag items around too.