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um the game is trash i cant even play it congrats ya fooled you're self

edit:why does 7zip pop up when i try to even download it now i know im not very good with computers unlike others but i click download and it loads a file i get exsited bcz i want to play a game goddamnit and then i see this: try, save, copy, put in, and some other bulls**t and i click try bcz i thats the only option i have to actually play a GAME and then it says: FAILED no reason found. and i was just done I WANNA DIE.

Deleted 2 years ago

okay first off make sure your computer could support that game, macs dont work with it yet and if you have a computer without updated software that could be an issue too. and if your good with computers. you should go onto forums and see whats causing that file to be messad up. there are many people like me who help code softwares that use our forums to help others find the issue.