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A couple more.

9:  Gear counts towards a character's mental stats.  Until you remove the offending article, you won't be able to add more points to the stat, preventing you from reaching the cap.

10:  When using the "Unlock Abilities" panel for your protagonist, you can still click and type into the Default Title box.

11:  Non-humanoids can't perform boffing occupations.  This makes specialization in that area useless, and generally doesn't make sense.  I think that the restriction should be altered so that Uncivilized beings are unable to do the finer jobs.   Once the trait is removed, they can do more advanced boffing.

12:  Don't know the cause, but here goes:   I tried to break open a chest with a character, but she didn't have the strength.  Tried to do the same with my protagonist, but he didn't have the energy.   The thing is, the energy gauges for both characters were  25% full.  This was correct for the lady, but the protagonist only had 5 points according to the tooltip.  Something is making the protagonist's energy gauge a bit off.

13:  It seems like the Dark Elf racial trait is broken.   It states that temporary spells and potions last longer.  So I cast my Shield spell on the girl, but the duration only lasted three turns - the same as the protagonist.   Disclosure - The game was modded so that the protagonist had 10/10/10/10 stat potential, which might have reached the cap for spell potency.

14:  When making out with a lady(ies), sometimes they will have a desire.  However, that desire will not always be fulfilled if a current activity of the player is already performing the required action.  It seems like the desire will be completed by manually pressing a button related to it, or if a leading girl enters an action that qualifies.  

EG:  Fondling is ongoing, the desire to be touched appears, a turn of auto-fondling passes to no effect.  Clicking the fondle button makes the girl happy.