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Hey, I'm a indie game developer and I'm using Unity 3D for all my projects, I just did discovered your projected and clicked my way through your media and found it very impressive, and i'm wondering if you did you created the character model on your own, because I'm searching for a ok character model with animations for ages ^^(i'm working on a medieval game ^^)

I will as well download this and maybe stream/review it if you have nothing against that :)

Hi there, I know im not the guy your looking for but thought i might try to help with this. I too develop prototypes here and there and do not know much about Unity but do know of some decent character generation and animation software thats totally free. First you will need (and forgive me if you know this) A program called Fuse from Steam found here http://store.steampowered.com/app/257400/. Then make an account here https://www.mixamo.com/, once account is made make your character in Fuse them Export to Mixamo account. Then Mixamo will go through the rigging process automagically, when done rigging you can then search through there animations and animation packs (which there's a really good medieval one) and setup how you want them to work. From there download newly animated character then just import to Unity. Hopefully scalings not an issue like I said I don't use Unity I just know you can Import FBX.

Cheers :)

I did bought Fuse 3 years ago and it was a good software back then but since that Adobe crap the features only get less and in the official nonsteam version they even completly removed any medieval equipment like the gambison so Fuse is pretty much useless for me as I'm not good enough to create own cloth's

Thank you. I didn't create the models myself, and the animations are acquired from various sources. It was a lot of work getting it to work tbh.

I just tested it, I hoped that it had be better, but heh it's a Alpha ^^

Zombies did spawn at a car crash dropping from the air while there already was zombies so I was in a 1 vs 7 situation and appearently the combat is very bugged, the first one I did got with 1 hit, but the next one appearently as I was standing on the ragdoll of the first I couldnt hit him and hit above him or something like that and after that I got killed even I managed to heal myself up with a medkit and fight against the remaining ones, I did got killed as soon as they approached giving me no counterplay as they didnt even played some sort of attack animation

I didn't found any loot at all except dead players, and my inventory was VERY bugged, after lot of clicking in the attempt to drop a item as my inventory was full, it disappeared completely and I needed to relogg, and some items bugged away doing so

The buildings was bugged(there was 2 doors in each other and one pillar sticking out of one of the door which was open while the other was closed

hahaha, rough day in Survius

Yea, I hope you can fix that, especially the inventory was a pain ^^

The inventory system works fine. Left click is use, right click is drop. You can drag items around too.