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Bought here, if the steam release, still buy it? That is too sad


There has been no announcement yet made whether or not you'll have to buy a copy on Steam.

@Kenney, I'm a huuuuuuge fan of your products (all my first attempts to game jams years ago were made thanks to your art packs). Just like others, I also think that a steam release will definitely benefits you the most and more sales for you means like someone above points out, that we the users will have the chance to see the software improve faster too and people who don't like steam can still choose to buy it here. That said, I have not been on itch as long as I've been on steam  ( but  for all the products that I have bought on itch so far that then make it to steam, I have never had to buy them again there. The dev always provided the steam key directly here (all i had to do each time was to make a quick email checking //that is automated//  and the key was available and revealed). I know that each business owner, does what suits best his interests but I truly hope to still have the same opportunity with Asset Forge too ^_^ .
Sorry for the bad english, I speak french.


I will make the sensible choice, however it'll need to work out technically and before I figured that out I can't make an announcement just yet, please be patient.