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I have given this demo a fair run. The demo works if you using Debian or Ubuntu and download it directly from your site and not However, there are three sticking points that I've noticed that keep me from using it more.

  1. The beveled 3-D look to the menus and GUI is a little annoying, I prefer flat, if I'm going to be using this for eight to twelve hours a day.
  2. The text in the menus and help section are really tiny, unreadable at 4k and 5k on Linux. If this works on Apple and Windows 10, I can see why it works because they have better font support than on Linux. I had to kick it down to 1280x720 so that I could even use the software. It's best to use anti-aliased fonts, that are bold vector based for menus, so no matter how big or small the text is, you can still read it.
  3. The speed of the menus are a tad bit sluggish and I don't care for the animations of the menus, such as the dialog boxes. I prefer it to be immediate, also looking flat instead of the fancy beveled 3-D look. I prefer to keep the processing power on the scene and modeling instead of on the looks of the editor.
Getting past those annoyances, the software does function as described and is interesting, perhaps in due time you'll be able to persuade me to buy a copy when the items listed above can / will be resolved. As a note, on Linux I tried to use my 3-D mouse and it doesn't work but I'm fine with that. If you're curious as to the mouse, you can find out about it here.

I have the SpaceMouse Pro. Thanks for letting me test drive the early access software.