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Except for those who bought the game and still have to wait for the free version!


You didn't buy the game. You bought early access to one update. You got it. Period. Get over it.

Yes, Sir...

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Wow, a-hole response right there.



You should know UK John has been whining every update about paying $5 more than a year ago and that he's entitled to get the full game at the same time as subscribers, and calling me a scammer. 

Anyone can unsubscribe if they want, but you should know the full story.


It certainly isn't fair to expect a Dev to sell an update/demo/etc. to us, and then get the game for free for every single update after that.  Unfortunately, you can find pirated (stealing from the DEV) copies. I truly feel sorry for the Devs who have their hard work stolen.


Paul, you know UK_John is like a broken record. Don't mind him