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I love this! It's so different and fun. The artifitial locomotion and teleporting combined reminds me a little of fighting in Dishonored with the idea of attacking then blinking to make the enemy lose sight.

A few ideas

  • Put a cool down on teleporting based on distance warped. It helps keep people from teleporting super fast around the place.
  • Guards that do patrols would be super cool! Also adjust thier AI since you can kill a guard in the room yet no other guards notice you until you walk in thier sight.
  • Show a hand or the controller for the left hand. Kinda a small nitpick but it would be nice.
  • A followup for the hand would be to allow punching/melee, especially if there is a plan for knives or swords, or use the other hand for dual weilding to get the ultimate bada** experience.

I can't wait to see what you add to this game!


Thank you! And roger on those feature requests. I will experiment with a teleport cooldown. I was just working on having the guards move around a lot more today so expect more interesting behavior from them (and the new security robot enemy) in the upcoming update. Also thinking about what to do with the left hand - there will be something there probably in the next update but won't promise just in case I decide to push that feature to another update. Thanks for the feedback!