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All of my dev machines are the following in 86_64.

All use Xubuntu desktop (XFCE4 based).







Those are just the Ubuntu related version I have. The main one I use is 16.04 for client's needs. That's also what I have installed on the gaming systems, too.

Yes, I've read your instructions but there was no .deb for me to install, I had to generate it from the files and some were missing so I had to create dummy files. Also, I use mono-complete, which installs all of mono and it's dependencies as well. Your .deb file should have the proper version of Ubuntu it's designed for, what architecture and of course the specific packages as dependencies. About Ubuntu and it's forks, from time to time, often version to version they change the name of he package in question which makes it tough to write a shell script that is executed when you use dpkg to install the .deb installer archive file.